Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 12 – Thoughts

It’s nice that the side characters are getting some more screen time, but I can’t help but feel the pacing is far too slow. I personally dislike all of the explanations on how their magic was being used. Unless it’s critical for the story later on, I feel like they could cut back on it a bit. With each arc being 6+ episodes, it feels like we’re moving at a snails pace. Hopefully we get into the mirage bat matches in the next episode since we’ve had so much build up for it.

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We finally have one of the higher ranked students lose a match. Even though it was sabotaged, it throws off their projections slightly since they were counting on Mari to win. I thought this scene was well done. The use of the camera panning along with the slow motion when magic was being used allowed me to see what was going on without the need for explanations. I though Mari’s recovery was also pretty entertaining. Seeing her get flustered the instance Tatsuya is brought up. Combined with the fact that Tatsuya was informing medical professionals on how to treat Mari, is there anything Tatsuya doesn’t know?

Mahouka Mikihiko x Mizuki

Tatsuya brings Mikihiko and Mizuki into the investigation. I’m not sure why he brought Mizuki since she didn’t really offer any input. Perhaps her presence was more for the purpose of pairing her and Mikihiko in the future. Either that or maybe some additional “scenes” were cut and her role in the investigation wasn’t shown.

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Miyuki is pushed into the offical mirage bat match up in Mari’s place now. While she’s modest and doesn’t think she should be the one who basically decides their victory or defeat, we’ve already seen what she’s capable of. She has incredible magical abilities but her main weakness is her inability to control it. I’m looking forward to seeing this match since it’s been hyped up for a while now. Also, Ichijo will likely be keeping a close eye on it since he’s taken an interest in Miyuki.

Mahouka episode 12 review Shizuku

Shizuku is able to sweep the competition thanks to Tatsuya’s fine tuning. I can’t help but feel that her conversation with Tatsuya at the end is signalling a flag that she’ll lose in the next match. She doesn’t want to let Tatsuya down since she’s been privileged enough to have her CAD tuned by the man himself. Her determination to not lose makes it feel like her match will be tampered with by the unknown entity. The other possibility running through my head is that Tatsuya’s creations can’t be defeated and this conversation is only meant to continue showing us how great Tatsuya is.

You can watch Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 12 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users can view the episode one week after it airs.)


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