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The day of the match has finally arrived, and of course Tatsuya has some special tricks up his sleeve. While some people had their doubts about Tatsuya’s chances, Miyuki has absolute faith in her onii-sama!Mahouka episode 16 review tatsuya vs masaki

We finally get the long awaited showdown between Masaki and Tatsuya. Things start off rather anti-climatically as the two slowly walk towards each other firing their guns. I guess this shows how calm the two can remain despite the intensity of the situation. Tatsuya actually isn’t able to keep up with Masaki’s magic and has to dodge his spells rather than deconstructing them.

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At the end, Masaki lets his guard down when he realizes he’s made a fatal error. While he has a one-sided rivalry with Tatsuya, he doesn’t seem to harbor any ill-will towards him. He casts his spell at lethal levels which would mean the end for any normal person (good thing Tatsuya isn’t though). I loved how this scene was animated. Tatsuya had some flashy moves, but as time dragged on, you could see his speed not being up to par as the spells came closer to casting.

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As if Tatsuya wasn’t amazing enough already, he can also rebirth/regenerate himself, making him truly invincible. There was something oddly satisfying about the conclusion of their duel. While it was flashy with all of the spells being casted and deconstructed, the finishing blow is a simple snap of the fingers. While they were capable of pulling off such high caliber spells, it ends with a basic spell.

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This match drew the attention of a lot of people as well. Aside from his usual fan girls (and boys), some of Tatsuya’s acquaintances were watching as well. Their conversation dragged on a bit, but we learn more about Tatsuya from their dialogue. He’s been subject to inhumane experiments in the past, which is how he became superhuman. We also learn that there are others out there similar to Tatsuya, and at least one more that reside in Japan. There isn’t much time left for the season (especially since we’re moving onto nine schools part 10!) but I’m interested in seeing how Tatsuya stacks up against these other experiments.

You can watch Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 16 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users can view the episode one week after it airs.)


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