Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 3 – Thoughts

I’ll admit that I’m finding Mahouka a bit overwhelming at the moment. Episode 3 dumped a lot of information on the viewers. They went over how Tatsuya managed to take out Hanzo with such ease. The models used during the explanations were interesting but in the end, I’m still finding it difficult to follow along with everything. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention in the first two episodes, but all of their sci-fi/magic lingo has been catching me off guard. I guess what makes Mahouka unique from other series with special powers is how they explain their magic system. Usually when there’s magic in a show, we just accept it because it’s magic. However, Mahouka really explains how their magic scientifically works in great detail which some might find interesting.

Shiba Tatsuya

I was actually surprised that Tatsuya actually ended up joining the disciplinary committee. He seems to be insecure about his own pitfalls when it comes to practical magic. I figured that he wouldn’t want to be a burden as a result of that. In addition, he seems like the type of person who would rather be a lone wolf and distance himself from others. It doesn’t seem like he’ll have too many issues with getting along with the other members aside from Morisaki. His elders have the same views on “weeds” as Mari. They don’t care about the distinction between the two groups. As long as the new recruits are capable of handling the tasks assigned to them, the seniors of the committee do not have any issues. Only Morisaki seems to have an issue at the moment. However, he’s still just a first year student and hasn’t been fully exposed to the school yet.

Tatsuya Kendo

Even though some people look down on Tatsuya still, we can see that he’s not your average student at the school. He’s able to defuse a couple of situations with ease thanks to his abilities. Despite being a weed, he’s able to easily take out some of the more respected students at the school. He’s able to remain calm in combat which allows him to carefully analyze the situation and counter accordingly. Hopefully, not all fights/conflicts will be so one-sided and Tatsuya will actually have his back against the wall at some point in the series.

You can watch Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 3 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions, free users can view the episode one week after it airs.)


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