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Seo Kouji’s “Kimi no Iru Machi” (A Town Where You Live) came to an end about a week ago and I thought I’d just share some of my thoughts on the series as a whole. This post will contain some spoilers so read at your own caution!

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This series got a lot of mixed opinions, especially for the way Asuka was treated along with the slice of life period towards the end with no real conflicts. However, I still consider Kimi no Iru Machi as one of my favourite series to date. While it started off with your typical boy meets girl and then his life changes as a result, it followed Haruto’s story for more than 10 years of his life. Watching him go through his high school days was nostalgic while watching him go off to university and enter the work force was relatable to me as a university student. In his high school days, we get to see how dramatic kids are and how they tend to be more reserved with their feelings, leading to confusion and miscommunication. As they got older, conflicts and misunderstandings were resolved much quicker since the characters matured and would typically just come out and say what was bothering them.

I thought that the relationships in Kimi no Iru Machi were pretty realistic. Haruto and his childhood friends kind of drifted apart as he moved forward with his life but whenever they meet again, it’s like nothing has changed no matter how much time passes. Its only natural that as we grow older, we move on with our lives and walk different paths. With everyone pursuing what they want, it’s only natural that they have less time to hang around with their friends but it doesn’t change the fact that they grew up together.

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The ending was a little anti-climatic since we had roughly 50 chapters with no real action or drama. However, that’s just how life tends to be when we get older. Haruto has other priorities and responsibilities now that he’s an adult and living away from his parents. The end of the series also begins to wrap up loose ends with Haruto’s friends. As Haruto meets up with them again after so much time has passed, he sees how everyones’ life has progressed which begins to make him feel insecure about his own life. Everyone is getting married or finding work but he’s still trying to find what his calling in life is. In the end, he gets a job and temporarily breaks up with Yuzuki so that they can both focus on themselves for a bit and see where it takes them. After spending so much time together, they never really got to focus on their own lives, rather they were too busy focusing on what their future together. Haruto ends up being successful at his company and gains valuable life experience. In the end, he returns to what he loved the most in life, Yuzuki and cooking. All of his friends are reunited one last time in the series where you can see that nothing has changed in terms of their relationship despite all of them walking down different paths in life.

A part of me is sad that the series is over. Even if it felt like it was dragging on, just the fact that this is the end of Haruto and Yuzuki’s story is a little depressing as a reader. I’ve grown attached to the characters after watching them “grow up” for so many years. While this was definitely quite a roller coaster of emotions, I really did enjoy the series as a whole and look forward to Seo Kouji’s other work in the future. I also wanted to give a shout out to Red Hawk Scans for translating the manga from start to finish.


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