One-Punch Man Episode 1 First Impressions

One-Punch Man Episode 1 – First Impressions

One-Punch man has officially begun! This was one of the most anticipated series of the season, and it started off well.

The first episode started off outrageously, giving off a vibe similar to some of the shounen anime I watched growing up. We have these alien like enemies who simply destroy things to pretty much just be evil. There is no real explanation for their appearance (well, it’s only the first episode), but they just pop up and cause havoc everywhere.

For a normal human, these monsters are unstoppable and just roam freely as they desire. Unfortunately for them, Saitama is no ordinary human and casually strolls on by to stop their reign of terror with just one punch.

One-Punch Man Episode 1 Review

Saitama seems to have a mindset that is relatable to many people. He was kind of just drifting through life, not really going anywhere and had no real passion for anything. Suddenly, he saves a young child and mangles a giant crab. All of this creates a huge rush of adrenaline that sets him on the path of becoming a hero, to continue seeking that thrill.

One Punch Man Episode 1 Reaction

Unfortunately for him, he trained so much that he became too powerful and no monster could stand a chance against him. Oh, and he has lost his hair on top of that… Now he acts as a hero as a hobby. Whenever he has time, he’ll casually make an appearance, save the day and then resume his daily life. He was unable to reignite that spark that made him decide on this path in the first place. In the end credits, we see the appearance of a character, who certainly doesn’t look like a fodder, and may actually rival Saitama’s strength.

One Punch Man First Episode Review

Suddenly, he has a dream where he faces formidable opponents for once. This rekindles his fighting spirit, even if everything just occurred in his dream. While he may not be able to fight strong opponents in the present, as long as he continues being a hero, he may one day meet such a challenge.

One Punch Man Anime Premiere

Overall, the first episode was a great introduction to the series. While I’m going into the series blind, we got to learn a lot about Saitama’s character. He felt kind of similar to Masayoshi from Samurai Flamenco. Both of them kind of got into the hero business because they were looking for some sort of passion in their life. The two characters were also pretty much just your average Joes who began working hard to succeed as a superhero.

I’m pretty interested in learning more about their world. With all of these monsters coming and going, I would have to assume that the world is a mess. I mean, thousands of people are being killed off every time one of these guys appears and surely they can’t rebuild or recover that quickly!

Episode 1 was definitely a solid introduction to the series that manages to balance all of the energy and comedy of the series nicely.

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