One Punch Man Episode 10 Review

One Punch Man Episode 10 – Review

One Punch Man wastes no time, we’re jumping into the next mega level threat right after the Sea King was defeated.

One Punch Man Ep 10 Reaction Tatsumaki

More dangerous threats continue to make arise across the country. We finally get to see Tatsumaki in action and she is one sassy hero. She doesn’t take things very seriously and seems a bit entitled, since she knows how strong and valued she is to the association. She wipes out the dinosaur king nonchalantly as she receives a call to head back to headquarters.

Meanwhile, while Saitama and Genos are called in by Bang who welcomes them to his Dojo where shows off his self-defense techniques and tells them about a former pupil of his. His ranking is also revealed by his disciple, being the third strongest hero on the planet. However, even Bang acknowledges Saitama’s strength and recognize that he’s miles ahead of everyone else.

One Punch Man Ep 10 Summary

All of the heroes are called in and assembled at the headquarters where they break the news of the Shibabawa’s death and her final vision. While the majority of heroes have assembled, we still have yet to see who this rank one hero is. Despite being S Class heroes, I don’t see the majority of them holding up against the types of enemies that Saitama has dealt with.

Their meeting is cut short when a giant spaceship lands on the city and completely annihilates it. These alien like creatures are much stronger than previous enemies (as always) and continuously regenerate while gaining strength. It takes several S-Class heroes to handle the creatures on land, including a reinvigorated PuriPuri Prisoner.

One Punch Man Episode 10 Discussion

As all of this chaos is going on, Saitama is the first to rush out and start exploring this new spaceship full of goodies for him to smash into smithereens. This will finally be his opportunity to show the world just how strong he is, by taking care of this threat. However, the other outcome could be negative once again. With so many S-Class heroes nearby, maybe civilians will just think he’s stealing the credit again… Poor Saitama.

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