One Punch Man Episode 12 Review

One Punch Man Episode 12 – Review (Finale)

Well, this has been a fun ride, but unfortunately, One Punch Man comes to an end today!

While Saitama is dealing with the big boss off screen (at least for the other heroes), the other S rank heroes are finishing up with Melzargard after discovering his weakness. Some of the lower tiered heroes, like Mumen Rider finally arrive to the scene. While they’re not match for these powerful enemies, they’re still able to be heroes by tending to the injured civilians and rescuing people.

One Punch Man Anime Review

Back on the ship, Bouros has been unleashed from his restrictive armor. Being the only villain, so far, to have survived a punch from Saitama, although it may not have been a very serious punch. Bouros continues to power up just like a DBZ character, with his hair growing spikier and longer the more he powers up. He unleashes his full barrage on Saitama, yet he remains unfazed by the entire attack.

One Punch Man Episode 12 Reaction

Bouros is filled with excitement, for the longest time, all he’s wanted was to find an opponent worthy enough to fight. Similar to Saitama, he was the strongest being in his universe, and all he wishes for is a challenge. Saitama just let’s him continue his barrage, perhaps Saitama himself was looking forward to an actual challenge. However, as Bouros continues, Saitama is seems disappointed that this is all he can do. Bouros even finishes off his barrage with his all out attack that sends Saitama off to the moon.

One Punch Man Anime Series Review

After making a long jump back to Earth, Saitama decides that it’s finally time to end this. Bouros has finally found what he’s been searching for all his life. Battling with Saitama, he is able to fight to his heart’s content. With the heroic music playing as Bouros continues to fight on despite everything being futile, it almost feels as if he’s the protagonist in the scene. Refusing to give up, and going all out even if it’s no use. Saitama’s serious punch ends up dealing him the final blow.

One Punch Man Finale Review

On his death bed, he’s able to come to terms with what has happened and die having fulfilled his dream. He was able to fight to the death, even though he realized long ago that he was doomed from the beginning. He knew at the very beginning that Saitama was holding back, but at least he allowed him the opportunity to give it his all.

After everything has been settled, Amai Mask finally shows up and reveals his true colors. He was all friendly with Genos earlier on, but it seems that all he cares about is the fame and glory. Seeing that the entire city was destroyed, despite having some of the top heroes gathered together is embarrassing for him. I’m also curious as to how strong he actually is since he revealed that he personally chooses not to join the S rank heroes, despite being fully capable of doing so. He also expresses his disappointment in Genos. He saw potential in a highly marketable hero who had good looks, a cold attitude and was considered top class. However, after being defeated by all of the enemies, Amai Mask shows his true colors to him.

One Punch Man Ending

Overall, the world has been saved for now, but stronger opponents are still out there. The greatest threat itself may not even be from an alien, but it may even be among themselves. Some of these heroes have ulterior motives (like Amai Mask and Metal Knight) who may turn out to be the real villains in the end. Regardless, this is where the series ends off for now and we’ll have to wait for a new season! (Madhouse please…)

I have to admit that One Punch Man, despite being incredibly hyped lived up to the expectations. While hype can usually hurt the perception of a series, One Punch Man was action packed and did not take itself too seriously, which made it harder to hate! When the show laughs at itself for how ridiculous it can be, you kind of just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Unfortunately, there’s no real conclusive ending, but again this was only 12 episodes long. We did get a pretty epic battle to finish things off, but this season has set up for so much potential in the future (Sonic on the loose, Bang’s former disciple, Amai Mask’s true motive, Metal Knight’s plan and the missing S rank heroes).

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  1. It sucks that you felt that type of doubt but I’m glad you stuck with it. I first found this site looking for a review on the Psycho Pass S2 and have been following it since. I’ll definitely try to comment more to show some support.

    1. Thanks for the continued support! To be honest, I started this site when I was still in university and was terrified of what I was going to do after graduating.

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  2. I am going to watch One Punch Man and after reading your review, I really want to watch it, although I have to finish the other animes I’m watching. *sigh*
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!

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