One-Punch Man Episode 2 Review

One-Punch Man Episode 2 – Review

Things are still ramping up, but One-Punch Man continues to impress me!

One Punch Man Ep 2 Discussion

Saitama is probably the strongest human on the planet. However, he still faces the same struggles that everyday humans must face, getting rid of mosquitoes. I love how he can nonchalantly run around the ruined city, not even breaking a sweat about the recent news regarding the mosquito clouds. The world’s strongest man is no match for a mosquito.

One Punch Man Episode 2 Reaction

While Saitama is waging this war, we get introduced to the cyborg man, Genos. He fights for justice which was a bit surprising given his initial appearance. Overall, the fights were smoothly animated and well executed. Not only was Sawashiro Miyuki’s voice acting spot on as usual, there was a lot of back and forth. They spent maybe about 5 minutes building up this fight between Genos and the Mosquito queen, only to have Saitama finally get back at those pesky mosquitoes.

One Punch Man Episode 2 Summary

After that incident, Genos becomes Saitama’s disciple in a quest to become stronger. I love how they handled the telling of his past. Saitama is such a simple and blunt person and hearing Genos’ rambling just made my day. The pace of the music and having his speech speed up were nice touches that made the scene hilarious. Also, seeing it animated really conveys the mood of the scene much better since we can see Saitama’s slight movements and expressions, showing his annoyance with the rambling.

We may have also gotten a slight glimpse at the main antagonists for this first arc. This underground lab are the ones responsible for all of the recent monster sightings and appearances. They have taken an interest in Saitama and using him as a specimen to further their research. I’m not really sure what their goal is, maybe it’s just total destruction, or something silly but we can at least advance the plot towards their eventual meeting.

One Punch Man Ep 2 The Strongest Man

With the appearance of Genos and these more threatening monsters, it felt like enemies were actually getting stronger. I kind of thought that they may have posed some threat to Saitama, just like what he was dreaming of. However, Saitama is literally OP and takes them out swiftly once he actually feels like it. I guess with the introduction of Genos, we’ll at least get some more interesting battles while allowing Saitama to remain OP as hell, provide comedic relief, and serve as deus ex machina to get them out of any real trouble.

Overall, I’m impressed and entertained with One-Punch Man so far. I love Saitama’s deadpan humor and seemingly over the top action that the series provides. I’m a bit bummed out that it will only be one-cour, but given it’s popularity, I wouldn’t be surprised for additional seasons in the future!

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