One-Punch Man Episode 3 Review

One-Punch Man Episode 3 – Review

What an action packed episode! There was a ton of build up for that one punch that we were all waiting for.

Things started off rather cliche, by hearing the scientist’s story on how he became thirsty for evolution. He believes that humans are fragile creatures and need to adapt and evolve to continue their existence. After conducting countless experiments, he finally discovered the secret to youth. He was able to extend his life and clone himself to ensure that he could live to see the day where humans have fully evolved.

One Punch Man Ep 3 Review

After hearing the Gorilla’s story, Saitama is off in a rush to resolve this so he can make it back in time for his sale. You just have to love Saitama’s indifference to everything. Here a giant gorilla is telling him the story behind the mad scientist who is destroying man kind and all he cares about is his own time, and saving a couple of dollars (although sales are no laughing matter…).

One Punch Man Ep 3 Reaction

After arriving at the lab by foot, Genos shows off his strength by completely annihilating the building and leaving a giant crater. This helps set up for the next adventure by leaving a trail of destruction, in which these mysterious guys, at the end of the episode, use to track down Genos. It also shows that Genos is no slouch, despite nearly being killed by a mosquito.

Meanwhile, the doctor unleashes Carnage Kabuto who easily takes out Genos with little effort. I guess by having these less OP characters, we can still have intense battles and just have Saitama come in at the end to clean up everything. Carnage Kabuto seems more interested in finding strong opponents, similar to Saitama before killing them. He hasn’t had much of a challenge within this lab, but he has yet to face the heroes of the surface.

Saitama Secret Training Regime

As he’s about to test Saitama’s ability, he suddenly loses his spine just from Saitama’s presence. Saitama decides to spill the beans on his secret training since everyone seems so interested and he doesn’t see the harm. The secret is 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and 10km runs every single day, while enduring the natural climate. This revolutionary secret leaves everyone dumbfounded. Everyone instantly loses respect for Saitama and refuse to take him seriously after this. The proceeding fight (?) was amazing. All of the build up, and I guess we can consider it kind of back and forth… until Saitama realizes his fatal error, today is the day of the big sale!

One Punch Man Episode 3 Discussion

Overall, another great episode of One-Punch Man that actually had me laughing throughout! My favorite part of the series is the facial expression of the characters and how they execute the comedy in such a ridiculous fashion.

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