One Punch Man Episode 5 Review

One Punch Man Episode 5 – Review

The boys are going to finally become heroes!

Everyone within the association has already taken an interest in Genos. They had been working on tracking down the crazy doctor from the previous ‘arc’, only to see that his entire lab had been destroyed by Genos. Little do they know that it was actually Saitama who saved them from the rampage of Carnage Kabuto. On the other hand though, Genos has some marketability, he’s a rather handsome and relatively strong cyborg, making him an ideal candidate to have plastered all over the city.

I think it’s also fun to note that the association was founded 3 years ago, when Saitama saved the buttchin child from the giant crab monster. He has had such a huge impact on so many people, yet no one knows who he is still.

One Punch Man Episode 5 Reaction

Saitama easily crushes the physical examination, completely blowing everyone else out of the water (as well as all of the equipment). While he scores perfectly on the physical tests, he completely bombs the written portion, only passing the entire thing by 1 point. While Genos gets a perfect score and is given an S rank, poor Saitama has to sit at the bottom at a C rank, despite having saved the world so many times.

One Punch Man ep 5 summary

These two are the only ones who made it out of all of the applicants, and have to sit through an orientation together. The presenter is an A class himself, but he feels more of a showboating type when compared to Genos and Saitama. He clearly doesn’t seem all that strong, but he likes to flex his moves, which may be the case for some of these other heroes. He gets offended with their lack of enthusiasm and tries to teach Saitama a lesson, only to be humiliated himself.

One Punch Man Ep 5 Review

Genos decides to test out his latest upgrades now that he is officially Saitama’s disciple. He doesn’t buy into Saitama’s secret training strategy and believes there must be some other secret that he himself isn’t aware of. He gets a bit annoyed since he’s going all out while Saitama is just playfully dodging all of his techniques. He begs for Saitama to take it seriously, and the second he does, their sparring comes to an end. After all of this, Genos realizes just how strong his master is and no amount of training will probably allow him to reach the same level.

One Punch Man Ep 5 Discussion

The association seems to have some ulterior motives with Genos as mentioned earlier. Sweet Mask has a personal agenda that he seems to be interested in and is trying to get closer to him. Unfortunately for him, he Genos is his target, he’ll now have to get through Saitama since they’re roomies!

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