One Punch Man Episode 6 Review

One Punch Man Episode 6 – Review

Saitama and Genos have officially been a hero for nearly a week now, but the city itself has been relatively quiet.One Punch Man Episode 6 Reaction

While Saitama thought that becoming an official hero would help him gain recognition and take on more big name villains, it was actually a step backwards. He isn’t assigned any specific duties, but has to go out and find his own crimes to bust, basically being a vigilante. While he rushes to find work for himself, he also sees an opportunity where he can provide some sort of ‘value’ to Genos, who is currently paying exorbitant amounts to study under him. Saitama strikes gold by using his own unfortunate situation and spinning it into a way that is applicable to Genos’ current dilemma, while saying it with a straight face.

One Punch Man Ep 6 Review

Saitama does laps around the city, searching every inch for some sort of trouble that he can get his hands on. Trouble appears nearby when Sonic seeks vengeance against Saitama. Unfortunately, this causes a scene which attracts the attention of other heroes to the two. Poor Saitama faces the wrath of the public once again, being seen as a weirdo who is disturbing the peace. The guy just can’t catch a break!

One Punch Man Anime Ep 6 Summary

Sonic gets a bit jealous of Saitama diverting his attention away though and starts causing a scene by becoming a villain. Saitama isn’t exactly the brightest cue-ball so it takes him some time to register that his golden opportunity is right in front of him! I guess Sonic’s little outburst shows that he really has no moral compass, and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Saitama Kelp Monster

On the abandoned side of town, a seaweed or kelp monster appears and the hero association sends several A class heroes to locate it. This kelp monster is somewhat similar to Saitama, in the sense that they both want recognition. The monster realizes that it can not gain notoriety if it just stays in the abandoned town since no one will be able to witness it in action. Once again Saitama makes quick work of the kelp monster, while leaving behind a destructive aftermath. It seems that his efforts have gone unnoticed yet again, and even has other heroes thinking that he is some kind of evil monster as well!

Saitama Reactions

While One Punch Man may seem a bit episodic at this point, with the constant new threats who are then quickly taken out by Saitama (usually), I’m starting to see the continuation of the plot and overall story. It looks like it’ll be focused on both Saitama and Genos’ climb to the top of the rankings (I could be entirely wrong… manga readers?). Although, this may be difficult for Saitama if he keeps defeating everyone with no one around! Some of these seemingly minor characters are also showing up again and playing additional roles in the plot (such as Hammerhead). It’s hard to believe that we’re already half way through the series already!

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