One Punch Man Episode 7 Review

One Punch Man Episode 7 – Review

Unfortunately for Saitama, being a hero isn’t as glorious as it may seem in the movies.

One Punch Man Episode 7 Reaction

While there are no real “villains” this week, City Z faces it’s biggest threat yet, a giant meteor that will end all life as they know it. All of the top heroes are called in, but in reality, very few of them actually care to risk their lives to save this city. Instead, all of the heroes decide not to show up and flee the city. Genos, having a strong sense of justice refuses to abandon the city and tries his best to protect it.

One Punch Man Ep 7 Review

The one other hero who decides to try and stop the meteor, Metal Knight, actually has his own selfish reasons for being in the vicinity. He simply wants to test out his new gadgets, and worst case scenario, his satellite body will be destroyed. From seeing the other heroes so far, we can see many of them are driven by their own selfish reasons for fighting crime. Whether it’s power, fame, recognition, money or to find strong opponents.

One Punch Man Ep 7 Discussion

Both Metal Knight and Genos go all out. Two high ranking S-class heroes with their full power had little to no effect on the meteor. Thankfully, Saitama awakes from his slumber and casually destroys the meteor with one punch. Unfortunately, he didn’t account for the debris of the meteor and causes significant damage across the city. While there were no casualties, Saitama ended up destroying the entire city regardless.

One Punch Man Anime Ep 7 Summary

While Genos and the other heroes are able to see how amazing Saitama is, the rest of the civilians still treat him as a nuisance. He fights and ends up protecting them out of the good of his heart, and yet he never receives any real recognition. Even with the meteor, the majority of the credit went to the S-class heroes, despite him doing all of the work. Tank Top Tiger and Tank Top Black Hole even get all of the civilians to turn against Saitama. He saved all of their lives, and they show their ungratefulness by shunning him. In the end, Saitama could care less what the people think. He knows that he did a good deed, and even if it goes unappreciated, he will continue defending the city because that’s just what a hero would do.

Other high ranking heroes and villains are beginning to notice Saitama’s strength though, which may lead to more powerful entities making their way to City Z.

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