One Punch Man Episode 9 Review

One Punch Man Episode 9 – Review

Poor Genos, we all know how strong he is, but unfortunately, he’s only here so we can gauge how strong opponents are.

As Genos comes to the rescue of the civilians, he’s the only one to inflict any damage to the Sea King. At least he manages to put up a good fight, but his first mistake is letting his guard down after his initial attack. His second issue with the fight was that his sense of justice ended up compromising himself where he defended the civilians.

One Punch Man Episode 9 Reaction

It was pretty exciting to see Genos actually show off his strength, even though he didn’t defeat the Sea King. All of this time, he’s been pretty much living in Saitama’s shadow in the show. He was defeated by the Mosquito Queen earlier on in the series, but since then he has received several upgrades and is significantly stronger. He managed to go toe to toe in this battle, up until he saved the child. He knows that the least he can do is buy time for Saitama to arrive.

One Punch Man Anime Ep 9 Review

Mumen Rider also enters the fray showcasing a true heroic spirit. He knows that there’s no chance of winning against a demon rated threat, but he’s a hero. He has to stand up and fight no matter what, since as Saitama said, if all the heroes run, who will be left to fight? He manages to stall for just enough time for Saitama to arrive and settle things.

One Punch Man Saitama vs Sea King

Everyone is panicking seeing how they have to rely on two C-class heroes to defend them. Saitama’s reputation isn’t very squeaky clean as well. With all of the slander he’s received, most people see him as a fraud who’s selfish. He resolves everything with one punch once again, and everyone is relieved. Some idiot begins to spread some bad vibes around while everyone is celebrating. Seeing how the S-Rank heroes were defeated, yet a mere C-class was able to defeat the demon so easily has to be nerve wracking. Your best heroes can’t even defeat the same enemy a lowly C-class can?

One Punch Man Anime ep 9 Discussion

The doubt begins to spread and Saitama takes it upon himself and plays along with it. He doesn’t care what others think of him, but seeing those heroes risk their lives to protect them, he wanted to at least protect their reputation. Seeing this just pains Genos. He knows how great of a person his master is, yet he chooses to walk down a path of solitude for a hero.

At least the Hero Association and Mumen Rider have recognized Saitama as he gets promoted to B-class. It was a touching way to end the episode. While Saitama has been doing this hero thing for a while now, he’s finally starting to get some recognition, and have people look up to him.

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