Ore Monogatari Anime Review

Ore Monogatari Anime Review – My Love Story

Ore Monogatari came to an end earlier this week. While I wasn’t doing weekly blogs on the series, I just had share my thoughts on this wonderful anime! Since this is a review, be warned that there will obviously be some spoilers.

Ore Monogatari Anime Review


Ore Monogatari is unlike your typical shoujo series. The male lead isn’t some good looking, damaged bad boy who basically treats the heroine like dirt because he secretly likes her, and the tension between them builds until they just fall in love.

Ore Monogatari Finale

Takeo has never had any luck with girls growing up, despite being known as a gentle giant by all of his peers. One day he saves a girl from being groped and becomes her knight in shining armor. That fated encounter finally allowed a girl to see him as more than just a beast. As the series progresses, we watch how their relationship develops while facing hardship and drama that arises.


My Love Story Review

The main story simply just follows the development between Takeo’s and Rinko’s relationship and the personal development of the other side characters. The story itself wasn’t anything special. In fact, it almost seemed episodic (well arcs) where they would introduce new characters on a constant basis. While these characters did show some development, most of them did not play a major role after their initial arc.

Ore Monogatari Kiss

However, with each of these new characters being introduced, we got to see new sides to Takeo, Rinko and Sunakawa to help them grow even more. The main points of conflict usually stemmed from either Takeo or Rinko not understanding how to overcome these small hurdles within their relationships, but for the most part they were easily resolved with some good old fashioned communication.


Gouda Takeo

Takeo has to be one of my favorite male leads in a series. Despite being so full of energy and putting forth so much effort to ensure everyone else is happy, he’s incredibly human and has his own insecurities as well. Growing up, he often faced rejection and was laughed at. However, he always put a smile on and kept moving forward, showing seeing the good in people no matter what. He would always sacrifice his own happiness as long to help another person.

Ore Monogatari Ending Reaction

Finally, he finds a girl who can see past his appearance and falls in love with his personality. However, his own insecurities lead to some misunderstandings within their relationship. He’s afraid to put himself first, such as when he wanted to kiss her, but was afraid of corrupting her innocent mind. At the end of the series, he’s even ready to let her go with resentment if it meant that she could be with another person that brought her more happiness.

Ore Monogatari Episode 24 Review

Throughout the series, he’s been trying to learn to love himself more and understand that it’s okay to care about yourself more. In the beginning, Takeo was so caught up with making other people happy that he couldn’t see what was right in front of him. By the end of the series, he was ready to do anything to ensure that Yamato was happy, but within the last episode, it seems like he has finally accepted his own feelings and what is important to him.

Sunakawa Makoto

Despite looking like what would be your typical shoujo protagonist, Sunakawa is a very quiet person who is equally as kind as Takeo. Having been confessed to multiple times, he would always turn down the girls because of how they treated his best friend. He had strict values that he always adhered by. If a girl couldn’t get a long with his best friend, then she wasn’t the type of person he would enjoy being around.

Ore Monogatari Last Episode

Out of the two, Sunakawa is the voice of reason who helps guide Takeo and Rinko through their relationship. In the end, he truly just wants to see his best friend happy.

He also helps other people realize their own feelings, like in the case with Saijou. Even though she was trying to get between Takeo and Rinko, he understood that she was still a good person deep down made her understand her true feelings. She couldn’t keep sneaking around and that she would never be able to move on or be happy if she didn’t get some sort of closure on her first love.

Yamato Rinko

The main heroine of the series who instantly falls in love with Takeo after he saved her from a groper. She’s generally a shy girl, but she has shown that she can come out of her comfort zone to fight for what she wants. She constantly made excuses to get closer to Takeo and eventually poured her heart out until it got through to him.

Ore Monogatari Final Episode Review

Being a high school girl, she also had her own urges and desires which she had to come to terms with. Everyone saw her as this innocent girl, but really she just wanted to show Takeo how much she loved him and to progress their relationship to the next step.

Ore Monogatari Summary

Overall, Rinko and Takeo are a perfect match. The two of them have the biggest hearts and show kindness to everyone, no matter the situation. They’re both dense, and inexperienced, but they’re able to work through most of their problems by communicating with each other.

Final Thoughts

Ore Monogatari is one of the better romance anime I have seen. Not only are the main characters more relatable, but their relationship is relatively normal as well. They have their moments of weakness or hardships, but they work on those flaws like normal people would (none of that silly, but entertaining, harem mishaps). Everyone in this series has their own flaws, but they’re all logical people who can move on from the past.

One of the recurring themes or messages I have noticed throughout the anime is to not live with regret. All of these minor characters who crossed paths with the lovely couple were afraid of rejection or being hurt. However, all of them eventually confessed their feelings and were able to lucky and have the other person accept their feelings, or were able to receive some closure and begin the healing process.

My only gripe with the series was that it did feel a bit dragged out at times. The introduction of Suna’s possible love interest and the several people who came in and tried to interfere with Takeo’s relationship did not really play a major role later on in the series. However, they did help in further developing the relationship between Takeo and Rinko, helping them mature and overcome other insecurities.

Romance Anime Ore Monogatari

I would definitely recommend Ore Monogatari to anyone who is a hopeless romantic, or anyone who enjoys romance anime in general. The ending definitely had some sort of closure, with Takeo taking a huge leap for both him and Rinko by calling her by her first name. We also can see how everyone is moving forward with their life, all of them with a seemingly brighter outlook on things and the future.

Rating: 8/10

You can watch Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) on Crunchyroll


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