Owari no Seraph Episode 10 Review

Owari no Seraph Episode 10 – Review

While some of the fight scenes were a bit disappointing, we finally got the fated encounter!

The showdown between Guren’s squad and Mika’s vampires begin. Both sides are extremely confident in themselves, but I guess at this point, who in this series isn’t cocky? They exchange some pretty standard smack talk back and forth before they begin their battle.

Owari no Seraph Episode 10 Reaction Reunion

Yuu seems to have toned down quite a bit from the start of the series. Rather than run head first into the battlefield (for now), he tends to his injured corporal. He values the lives of his comrades more than getting revenge at this point. He reflects on his past, of wanting to escape and be freed from the livestock treatment, but in reality, there really was no where else to go. The world is a wasteland, and there are no safe grounds outside of their captivity.

Owari no Seraph Ep 10 Synopsis

Instead of running to the defense line (where the stronger vampires were), he overhears that his comrades may be in trouble. He quickly forgets about fighting strong vampires and just heads off to make sure his friends are safe. They end up arriving in the nick of time and finish eliminating the vampires. Now that the team has been reunited, they head off to support Guren’s squad.

Seraph of the End Ep 10 Review

Back on the main battlefield, Mika is prepared to fight Guren. I found it strange that he seems to despise humans so much, considering he was one himself. He also showed the human children mercy earlier on in the series, which made me believe he was still the same. However, he chose to side with the vampires anyways, so there has to be more to it. Perhaps Krul showed him the truth behind the humans (the seraph of the end mentioned), and he chose to side with them. He still holds his dear Yuu close to his heart though, and he seems like the only person he wishes to save.

Seraph of the End 10 Guren Death

It seems that overconfidence runs in all of the characters’ veins. Mika easily handles Guren, until he lets his guard down because of his confidence. Similarly, Guren loses his advantage after underestimating Ferid’s presence on the battlefield. The humans are cornered and Guren is severely injured until Yuu finally enters the fray.

Yuu Stabbing Mika

We finally get the long awaited reunion between the two best friends. While I had issues with the series so far, there was something satisfying about seeing their reunion. It went exactly how I would have imagined it, both of them basically clashing, only to realize that they were each others’ opponent. I’ve endured the silly high school arc, waiting for this moment!

Overall, I like the direction the show is taking but I was pretty disappointed with the lack of animation this week. I was expecting more action and fight scenes, but instead we got a bunch of stills and screaming. It feels like the lack of budget, or artistic choice is hindering my overall enjoyment of the series, but I’ll touch more on that at the end of the season.

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