Owari no Seraph Episode 11 Review

Owari no Seraph Episode 11 – Review

Where do I begin with this episode? There were a lot of moments that I thought were great, but others… not so much.

Owari no Seraph Episode 11 Reaction

Yuu’s encounter with Mika was not what he was expecting. I thought it was a pretty powerful scene, all of Yuu’s confusion was well depicted. There was so much going on for him, one second he’s filled with anger trying to save Guren, the next he see’s a long lost friend, and then seeing them with the vampires leaves him lost.

Seraph of the End Episode 11 Review

While Mika seems to detest humans now, he still can’t bring himself to harm Yuu. Even though he knows the conspiracy and the ugly truth behind the human race, he refuses to let Yuu become a vampire. He has still views Yuu as an innocent person who just happened to get caught up in all of it. I’m really curious to see what Mika saw or heard in the last few years to make him generalize humans to his extent.

Owari no Seraph Episode 11 Discussion Yuu Demon

Yuu had grown quite a bit over the last few episodes, knowing when retreating was the best option, or when to stay and fight to save someone’s life. He seems to have lost all of that growth though and reverted after seeing Mika. He wants to be reunited with his friend, but at the same time that would cause everyone else to suffer. He can’t decide which one is more important to him. He loses his sense of judgement once he sees Ferid again as old emotions begin to rise.

Owari no Seraph Ep 11 Summary

Mika carries Yuu away like a princess. I guess it’s hard to talk things through on a battlefield, but I found it amusing watching Mika trying to hold him against his will. Without Yuu in the fight, all of his comrades are being overwhelmed. He can’t do anything but sit by and watch as his friends lose the fight and succumb to the vampires. This causes the inner demon inside of him to awaken.

Shinoa x Yuu

I guess this was one of the many secrets behind the humans. They implanted some kind of demon inside of him with an insane amount of power. Obviously, they can’t control it, but Guren has it as a trump card. Yuu begins rampaging the battlefield, unable to tell between friend or foe. I also found it pretty funny how Mika refuses to let Yuu harm a human, yet he’s standing there calling them filthy and greedy scum. Either way, Mika ends up saving Shinoa which enables her to bring Yuu back to his senses.

This whole ordeal made me view Guren in a different light. From scolding Yuu when he saved his life to making Yuu his trump card, he seems like the type of person who would sacrifice others for his own gain. We haven’t gotten a ton of his back story yet, but as it currently stands, I’m not a fan.

Seraph of the End Hiragi Kureto

At the end, the Hiragi family makes their appearance who are supposedly even stronger and influential than the moon demon army. Only one episode remains, but we’re starting to see a few of the secrets being unraveled.

Overall, the episode started off strong, but some of the stuff in the middle felt a bit too forced. Hearing Mika repetitively cry about humans being evil got old quickly, and how Yuu was basically stopped with the power of friendship. The animation was also pretty off once again which was disappointing.

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