Owari no Seraph Episode 2 Review

Owari no Seraph Episode 2 – Review

A bit of a late post this week, but in my defense, there are a lot of anime series coming out on the weekend…

Seraph of the End Episode 2 Review

Yuu is still haunted by the events of last episode. Every time he closes his eyes, he’s reminded of that scene where his entire family was slaughtered by the vampires. From the opening though, it seems as if Mika is very much alive still, sets up for their fated encounter. I’m interested in which route they’ll take with him. Has he been brainwashed by the vampires who saved his life? Or will he still remember his past and only be on their side against his will?

Seraph of the End Episode 2 Reaction

I guess they had to throw in the high school aspect to the series to make the series more relatable to their intended audience. Yuu was far too stubborn though, and needed some time to cool off. His mind has one track, to kill vampires, no matter the cost. Sending him off to school will help discipline him, and maybe let him enjoy a somewhat normal life for a bit.

Guren forces Yuu into the school so he can make friends. His entire life revolved around hatred and revenge, which clouded his judgement. Perhaps, by finding a friend, he’d have more reasons to go against the vampire, rather than trying to avenge those who are already dead (minus Mika). As cheesy as it is, we all know that you’re stronger when protecting something, as shown throughout countless of shounen series in the past.

Owari no Seraph Ep 2 Synopsis

Once again, Yuu’s angsty side takes over when the vampire begins attacking the school. He immediately runs into the chaos just because he has the opportunity to face a vampire. It seems like he hasn’t had a ton of training in regards to fighting them, and runs into battle with just a sword and a gun.

Owari no Seraph Ep 2 Summary

Vampires are unable to be harmed by normal means. This one continues to reattach her limbs, and instantly heal her wounds after every attack. This makes me wonder if Ferid survived as well, given he was pierced with a normal gun. Either way, the best Yuu can hope for is to stall for time until the Demon Army shows up.

Seraph of the End Ep 2 Discussion

In the end, Yuu and Yoichi are permitted to join the army. Guren seems to be looking out for Yuu as a guardian, and was actually concerned about him like a kid. It looks like Yuu is mentally able to move on from his past. Now that he has a “friend” he can finally begin moving forward with his life. It seems like things will be moving along slowly as we have to sit through their army training, and more school shenanigans next week.

Krul Tepes Seraph of the End

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. I don’t get a huge feeling of despair and hopelessness given their situation, but I do enjoy the action scenes. Owari no Seraph seems like it will be a fun and entertaining series to watch, but probably won’t be ground breaking in terms of appeal or for the genre. I’m also digging the opening, it almost felt hypnotic with the calm singing and the vampire spinning circles.

You can watch Owari no Seraph Episode 2 on Funimation


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3 thoughts on “Owari no Seraph Episode 2 – Review

  1. Yeah. I am actually not getting the huge sense of despair with Seraph of the End either. It was certainly in the manga but you just didn’t get the scarring impact in the first episode which just did not translate all that well. Yuu’s family gets murdered by Ferid but it all just passed in an almost inconsequential flash. I am not sure what is in store but I guess I will just be sitting back and continuing to watch. Plus there is always the manga series which is good since I am an avid book reader anyway. Even if this is not the anime that has my highest priority. That place is reserved for either My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2 and Is it Wrong to Try to pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

    1. Yeah, for me the whole school aspect is detracting from that despair for me. It just feels out of place where we have this dystopia after some tragic events, yet here we are goofing off in a school. Maybe if we combine the fact that Yuu isn’t scared of anything, it kind of gives off the feeling of safety since nothing bad will probably happen if he himself isn’t even phased.

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