Owari no Seraph Episode 3 Review

Owari no Seraph Episode 3 – Review

A bit of a slower episode this week, but we got some decent set up towards the end.

Seraph of the End Ep 3 Review

Yuu goes back to a somewhat ordinary school life, despite being accepted into the demon army squad. As innocent as that girl’s confession was, life isn’t that simple for them. Similar to how vampires were rounding up humans as livestock, the demon army views these children as soldiers. They give them a somewhat normal life, but in reality they’re just screening through potential candidates, and using the rest to repopulate and grow their combat numbers.

There was a lot of info dumping this episode, going over how society is, and how the weapons and demons work.

Owari no Seraph Ep 3 Reaction Shinoa Hiiragi

The highlight of the show so far has to be Shinoa’s character though. I just find her witty remarks amusing. She also throws in her own commentary, but everyone seems to kind of ignore her presence. She’s pretty smug and lightens the mood of the series.

Anyways, after hearing about the restricted training area, Yuu obviously has to see it for himself. Being driven by revenge, he’ll do anything it takes to get onto the battlefield quicker. He’s not the brightest kid, and his judgement is clouded by it. I thought maybe he had grown a bit after finally making a “friend”, but I guess it’ll take some more time for him to develop.

Episode 3 Owari no Seraph Synopsis Yuu vs Demon

It was nice to see him fight off the demon’s control. As tempting as it was, Mika truly was his best friend, and he knew him inside and out. He knew that something was up in this little dream world where Mika was telling him to avenge him. He was the one who sacrificed himself so Yuu could escape. He wouldn’t have wanted him to risk his life for revenge, it’s something that Yuu chose to do on his own.

Seraph of the End Ep 3 Discussion Vampire Mikaela

This little encounter sets up for Yuu and Mika’s fated encounter. Yuu was convinced that he knew who Mika was, but that was years ago. He’s still alive and has completely changed since they last saw each other. Not only is he one of those darn vampires that Yuu wants to kill, but he’s not a pushover either.

Overall, I didn’t have too many thoughts on this episode. Things were a bit slower, but that’s to be expected at this point in the season. There are still quite a few characters that need to be introduced so I don’t see Seraph picking up for a few more episodes at least.

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