Owari no Seraph Episode 8 Review

Owari no Seraph Episode 8 – Review

The gang continues their journey deeper outside of their safe ground.

Seraph of the End Episode 8 Reaction

Yuu is showing a bit more restraint now that they’ve had some real experience. While he still ran ahead of his teammates, he assessed the situation before diving in, making sure that his team was not compromised. Mitsuba on the other hand is slipping. She’s so caught up with following a strict formation that she almost compromises herself. When in battle, things won’t always go according to plan so sometimes it’s fine to go with the flow during a fight.

It’s a bit of a turn off at how they’re on a dangerous mission, and yet they have time for the silly bragging. I get that Yuu just killed off the small fry vampires, but the dialogue is just so juvenile… Wow you’re so cool Yuu! You’re not as strong as me! Queue the silly bickering after. It’s all in good fun, but it spoils the mood of the show for me when it happens so often. I wouldn’t even mind it if they had some actual dialogue, rather than some angsty shouting.

Owari no Seraph Ep 8 Reaction

They find themselves in a pinch when they realize that they’ve been fed false info. Mitsuba is ready to sacrifice herself for the greater good, but Yuu has other plans. She would rather not have people die because of her, while Yuu will do anything in his power to save others which is the complete opposite. He quickly wipes out the fodder vampires and begins to win over Mitsuba’s heart (as if he hadn’t done so already).

Owari no Seraph Ep 8 Summary Shinoa Driving

After they rescued all of the kids, they decide to hijack a car because why not? There isn’t much to comment here, I just wanted to mention it so I would have a reason to put up this cute picture of Shinoa behind the wheel. Apparently she’s pretty self-conscious about her height to the point where she’ll break character just to deal with it.

Owari no Seraph Ep 8 Discussion

On their little road trip, they run into a high class vampire finally. This one isn’t a pushover like all of the others and even Shinoa fears for her life. Yuu actually values the lives of his teammates and awaits orders instead of running in head first like all the other times. Shinoa is completely relieved when the vampires decide to back out which is a strange sight to see.

Scared Shinoa

While it’s a bit disappointing that we were about to get a real fight, only for them to disperse, Crowley mentioned he was meeting Ferid. This sets up for Yuu’s fateful reunion with the guy who slaughtered his family. It’s also a potential opportunity for Mika to make his appearance.

Demon Shinoa

It seems like the pace is finally picking up a bit, but it’s a shame there are only 4 episodes left for this season. I’m expecting things will end on a cliffhanger of sorts, and pick up the pace for the second half. Yuu is starting to mature a bit which is a nice change of pace. I was getting worried that he’d continue blindly and mercilessly slaughter vampires which would make him no better than the ones who killed the humans. There’s definitely a lot more to the story since we’ve only seen things from the human perspective, especially relating to this Seraph of the End that they mentioned earlier on.

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