Parasyte Episode 10 Review Shinichi rescuing Murano

Parasyte Episode 10 – Review

So I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of doing weekly round up posts, I’ll just focus on writing reviews for series that interest me. I’ll still talk about other currently airing series, but on a less frequent basis (first impressions, mid season, and end of season reviews).

Kiseiju Episode 10 Review Shimada Rampage

Shimada’s rampage begins. It seems like Yuuko may have accidentally discovered a counter to the parasitic creatures. At first I was wondering what the hell she could possibly do with a bit of glass, but it seems as if the paint thinner (and possibly other chemicals) cause irreversible damage to the parasites. Shimada becomes disfigured and begins losing his rationality.

While Shinichi is quick to say I told you so, I honestly thought that Shimada was a bit of a tragic character. Sure he’s a parasite that eats humans, but he really did want to stay true to his promise with Shinichi. He didn’t want to hurt others at the school, and like other parasites, wanted to find the reason for their existence. After being confronted by Yuuko, he was pushed into a corner and panicked, which set off the chain reaction for everything.

Parasyte Ep 10 Reaction Migi calming Shinichi

Shinichi nearly breaks down at the sight of his peers’ corpses. I guess he still has his humanity. Although, Migi’s observation was correct once again. While he can still feel emotions, Shinichi can quickly recover from trauma. This freaks out the people he was trying to save. Telling them to just cross over their dead classmates like it was nothing is something that no normal person would ask.

Parasyte Episode 10 Summary Shinichi and Murano

While it may be a bit inhumane to not care for a fellow human, I don’t think Shinichi was too abnormal for prioritizing Murano. He broke down a bit earlier, but the entire time he was focused on finding Murano. The guilt of ending things on a bad note would haunt him forever since he never got a chance to apologize. While the other deaths didn’t faze him for long, the thought about losing Murano was killing him.

Kiseijuu Ep 10 Impressions

At the end, Shinichi begins to feel a bit of sympathy towards Shimada. Maybe there was a small part of him who believed that Shimada, and the other parasites deserved to find their purpose in life. But in the end, Shinichi let Shimada get to this point, and has to bear the responsibility of putting an end to it all.

Parasyte Migi Reading

Shinichi begins questioning his original plan of exterminating all of the parasites. While it may not matter to him, he’s making Migi kill his own kind. While Migi doesn’t necessarily care for sentimental things, the fact that he brought it up shows how much he’s evolved. He was never able to comprehend human emotions, but now they’re able to put themselves in the others’ shoes. Shinichi thought teaming up with the police and exterminating the parasites was a good idea, but what about Migi in all of this. The cops wouldn’t care what Migi is, and would likely kill indiscriminately. Migi would be threatening his own existence by going along with this plan, not to mention, killing off his own species.

A good handful of students and teachers witnessed the monstrosity that was Shimata, which is why I’m amazed the government can still keep it on the down low. I can understand them not wanting to cause a panic, but perhaps the government has their own agenda regarding the parasites. With rumors of the United States using them for military purposes, the Japanese government may try to exploit them as well. As a result, they started their fad greeting without revealing the dangers of the parasites.

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