Parasyte Episode 11 Review Kana Heart Broken

Parasyte Episode 11 – Review

The hair pulling trick may have been in good fun for a lot of people, but the first thirty seconds highlighted what was wrong with it. The poor girl thought she was being flirty with that greeting, but what exactly do you do after you find a parasite…Kana Dream Kiseijuu Episode 11 Review

Kana certainly has quite the imagination. Perhaps it’s foreshadowing Shinichi coming to her rescue in the future. She’s able to sense the parasites, but doesn’t really understand what they are. Her brain is telling her that there’s definitely something special about his hand. I’m surprised she was so focused on his hand during the dream sequence. Here we have the macho Shinichi riding on the back of a unicorn, and all she can do is grab his hand.

Parasyte Ep 11 Reaction Kana Shinichi Romance

Kana is still constantly drawn to Shinichi’s abnormality. Not knowing exactly what it is she’s detecting, is making her believe that it’s love. Despite barely talking to Shinichi, she’s convinced that she’s in love with him because of this special connection she feels. Little does she know that Shinichi isn’t the only one she’s drawn to, and will likely encounter more dangerous parasites because of this. It’d be safer for Shinichi to just explain everything, but Migi won’t have any of that. He doesn’t benefit at all from explaining it, so why bother?

Parasyte the maxim ep 11 Best Girl Kana

Murano and Kana finally have their heart to heart talk about Shinichi. Murano’s still held up on the idea of him changing recently. Kana’s only known him since Migi came along, so obviously she fell for the current Shinichi. The whole encounter doesn’t provide much for Murano aside from making her feel more insecure, that someone like Kana understands him better.

The parasites have begun making their move. It’s been several months since they first came into existence and they’re beyond the point of survival. The unnamed parasite takes on an entire Yakuza squad to test their physical capabilities. Seeing how they’re intelligently and physically superior, they’re looking to integrate themselves deep in society.

Kiseijuu Episode 11 Summary Shinichi trauma

Shinichi’s still torn about his mother’s death. While on the surface, it looked like he’s moved on, there’s a void in his heart. Seeing the child talk back to his mom triggered something within him. He knows the pain of losing his mother, and how he’ll never get a chance to take back the things he said that have hurt her.

Parasyte Ep 11 Synopsis Shinichi Murano Kiss

Despite all that’s happened between Shinichi and Murano, their relationship is still progressing. It appears that there’s still a rift between the two from their date. Murano wants to get closer to him, but Shinichi can’t go into the details about his trip. While they can still be together, it’s as if there’s a piece of Shinichi missing. Even though he feels like he’s lost what makes him human, being with Murano lets him know that he’s still alive. He’s still able to feel strong, passionate emotions when he’s with her, and that’s all that matters to him now.

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