Parasyte Episode 13 Review

Parasyte Episode 13 – Review

We’re back! It feels like forever since I’ve done a write up, with the fall season ending, and all the shows going on break for New Years.

Parasyte Ep 13 Reaction Kana's Death

It seems that there was quite some aftermath with Kana’s death. While Shinichi certainly was no ordinary high school student before finding her body, he’s caught the eyes of many. He’s been trying so hard to protect his friends and classmates, but even they’re beginning to grow suspicious of him. He can’t explain everything to them since they’ve had so many of their friends die at the hands of a parasite. Trying to reveal Migi would not only cause him to go on a rampage, but his peers wouldn’t understand and just associate Shinichi with the rest of the parasites.

Kiseijuu Episode 13 Review Tamiya Ryouko Baby

Not only are his peers fearing him, but the parasites have taken an interest in him. Being a hybrid, he doesn’t have a place to belong. The parasites see him as a threat, despite the fact that they’ve learned to band together. The humans are terrified of him, and he’s left with no place to turn to. Tamura (Ryouko) continues to have an interest in him though, and keeps a watchful eye on him.

With everyone acting strangely around Shinichi, it takes him a while to notice. He was a witness to Hideo’s slaughter, and found an acquaintance’s corpse yet he manages to go about his normal life. Ever since his mother’s death, Shinichi became incredibly apathetic to everything. He has to consciously think about how a normal person would have reacted to figure out why people were being so weird around him.

Parasyte the maxim ep 13 summary

Kana was one of the few people to accept Shinichi for who he was. Sure she was a bit obsessive, but she didn’t see him as a monster or strange. With her death, he’s left alone, with no one to talk to aside from Migi. He’s surrounded with people who don’t understand him and I can’t blame him if he decides to snap in the near future. With people like Murano constantly questioning him, I’m surprised he’s held it together for so long!

Battle Mode Migi

On his quest to find his humanity, he comes face to face with his stalker. At this point, with all of the doubt building inside of him, he tries his hardest to stop Migi from slaughtering the poor guy. Had he not been thinking about whether he was human or not, he may have just let Migi finish him off. In the end, his refusal to harm another human being saved them. Had another body turned up, especially in close proximity of Kana’s murder, Shinichi would be captured.

The following day, Shinichi is paranoid. He’s been apathetic to everything, but now that there’s a very real chance that he’ll be targeted, everything is catching up to him. Fearing that he’ll be confronting enemies, he begins to think about damage control. He even considered taking Migi out of the equation, so that when they question him, there will be no traces of parasites on him. In the end, he decides against it, since ultimately it would just leave him defenseless to all the other parasites.

Synopsis Parasyte Ep 13 Shinichi Secret

He decides to try and confront Murano, and potentially come clean about everything. Being able to talk about the situation with another person would do wonders for his psychology. While I do find Murano a tad annoying, she has the right to be frustrated with Shinichi. They’re sort of dating, but when your partner keeps all these secrets, you have endless doubts. As much as it pains Shinichi, he still can’t let her know, of fear of what Migi would do.

Overall, it was a decent episode. I found that it ended rather abruptly though. If they aren’t throwing a cliffhanger on us, they’ll just cut it short! I guess it’s a bit tiring at this point, to constantly hear everyone calling Shinichi weird, or questioning his humanity. But I can’t really fault them for that, since it seems to be a central part of the story. Either way, I’m just glad that we’re finally back after all of those breaks!

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