Parasyte Episode 14 Review

Parasyte Episode 14 – Review

And with that, Shinichi burns the bridge with Murano. I’m sure he didn’t want to end things on that note, but it’s for the best if he wants to protect her.

After the reporter incident, Migi has a change of heart. At first, his only thought was to kill the witness, but now he’s devised another strategy. Shinichi always seemed threatened by what Migi would do. Migi has grown sympathetic of Shinichi, taking his feelings into account and opting to not kill the investigator.

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They call up an old friend, Uda and Joe to find the investigator. I’m glad to see that they’re alive, which was surprising. Seeing how much trouble Migi and Shinichi went through for being a half parasite, I didn’t think Uda would fair much of a chance.

Reiko finds herself becoming more like a human. She subconsciously laughs at a pitiful scene. Even if she wasn’t aware of it, her mind couldn’t control it, even if her body didn’t know how to react. She’s picking up more on human emotions as time goes on.

Parasyte Anime Ep 14 Summary

After confronting the investigator, he surprisingly took the news well. He no longer saw Shinichi as a threat, but still had some resentment towards him. Seeing that he fully understands the parasites, the investigator scrutinizes him for not coming forward. If he knows what the parasites are, he could be saving hundreds of lives by making it public.

Migi acts uncharacteristically and defends Shinichi’s position. Shinichi did think about turning himself in earlier on, but he respected Migi’s wishes and refrained from doing so. Even then, Migi sympathizes with what Shinichi had to endure. Losing his mother, watching his classmates get slaughtered, killing another creature with his own hands. Even if it’s just Migi’s logic arriving at the conclusion, it shows that parasites are capable of understanding human emotion to some extent.

Synopsis Parasyte the maxim episode 14

Reiko and Shinichi finally meet once again. The parasites have evolved to such a stage where they’re seeking more fulfillment in their lives. At the beginning, they were content with just eating humans. As their mental capabilities developed, they began to think about sustainability and creating a stable environment for themselves.

Tamura Reiko Evil Laugh

From a logical standpoint, Reiko makes some valid arguments. Humans are on top of the food chain, yet they still coexist with other wildlife. With the introduction of parasites, they’re no longer on the top of the food chain, and should thus accept their fate, just like the rest of the wildlife.

Parasyte the maxim ep 14 Review

Their reunion quickly turns sour when Reiko touches a nerve with Shinichi. I’m not really sure if it was the way she was treating her child, or her condescending tone towards him that set him off. They had been able to keep their conversations quite civil in the past, but Shinichi was ready to fight her there. At this point, Shinichi and Migi have surpassed the strength of any individual parasite. The ability to control two equally strong units gives them an advantage over any one. Reiko’s only way to escape is to use Shinichi’s weakness, his unwillingness to harm humans.

Shinichi Creeper Face

While she manages to flee, it feels as if Shinichi’s patience is wearing thin. Even though the parasites are trying to coexist with the humans, Shinichi’s encounters have been growing increasingly tense. He’s a bit contradictory with his beliefs. He believes that humans have a right to live, but he’s willing to deny parasites their existence.

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