Parasyte Episode 15 Review

Parasyte Episode 15 – Review

Nearly every week, Parasyte manages to crush my hopes and dreams as we end off on another cliffhanger!

There was definitely something odd about Tamiya Ryouko’s acquaintance. At first, he seemed like a parasite, but after seeing examining the feeding ground, there was a lack of blood, unlike the other feasts. He also strangled the private investigator with his bare hands, rather than transforming which I found strange.

Tamiya Ryoukou’s former investigator is still on the case after Shinichi’s confrontation. Still scared for his life, he continued his investigation on the parasites and got his assistant into trouble. He was pretty stubborn when it came to investigating Shinichi, but he’s no longer ignorant about the parasites and is too afraid to face them on his own.

Kiseijuu Anime Ep 15 Review Shinichi Mounted

Shinichi is once again unable to save a human life. He hesitated, he had the opportunity to save her, yet he didn’t stop the parasite right away. At this point, nothing seems to faze him, and he brushes off her death. He’s content with killing the parasites indiscriminately, but it soon hits him when he realizes the consequences of his actions. Rather than trying to reason with the parasite (who was fully capable), he engages it in a hostile manner. After attacking a parasite in their designated feeding ground, he’s basically disrespecting what all other parasites had agreed upon.

After witnessing the parasites, and knowing that more will be coming, the investigator wisely decides to back out. Unlike Kana, and the other humans, he knows his place. He has a family to care for, and if he gets involved with these parasites, no good could possibly come from it. After seeing what they’re capable of, he knows as a human it’s best that he doesn’t dig any deeper, or he too will be targeted.

Parasyte the maxim ep 15 summary

Losing his chance to expose the parasites, Shinichi has to face the Hirokawa group on his own. Migi is always willing to protect Shinichi, but to face off against an entire group of parasites makes no logical sense to him. With his doubts, Shinichi is preparing to take on the entire organization all alone. He really hasn’t had anyone to rely on throughout all of this, but it didn’t matter too much when he was facing one at a time. It feels as if it’s only a matter of time before he goes berserk or breaks down.

Parasyte Ep 15 Synopsis Miki

He eventually gets hunted down by Miki, a similar creature to himself, a host of several parasites. I knew something was off about him from the beginning, but seeing how he conversed seemed really odd. He completely understands human emotions and speech patterns. Unlike the other parasites though, he can’t fully utilize the body (legs). Either the brain wasn’t fully eaten, or he’s been able to develop his emotions, like Ryouko.

Kiseijuu Anime Ep 15 Miki vs Shinichi

Apparently Miki isn’t even considered high up in their little society either, which makes you wonder how strong Gotou and the rest are. Shinichi’s only advantage is having a human mind, but can him and Migi really outmatch multiple parasites at once?

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