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Parasyte Episode 16 – Review

Another week of Parasyte means another cliffhanger to look forward to! What else could they possibly tease us with this week.

The parasites are becoming more human like with every passing episode. They took out everyone associated with the private investigator to minimize the risk of being exposed. They specifically carried out a murder to wipe out his family, even though, as parasites, they could have just eaten them.

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Shinichi’s fight with Miki was a bit hard to take seriously. Miki’s whole demeanor just makes it feel like he has no intent to kill. The comical music combined with his manner of speaking gave me the same reaction as Shinichi and Migi, what the heck is wrong with this guy? After a bit of running, the duo seem to have figured out Miki and manage to decapitate him.

Parasyte Main Villain Gotou

The mood quickly changes though when Miki’s secret is revealed. It wasn’t three parasites, but five all along. On top of that, Gotou, the man who took down an entire Yakuza clan, is the one controlling the body. One second we have goofy Miki running around helplessly, and the next Gotou appears and all hope of victory is lost. The quick change in music and fighting style really got my adrenaline rushing while watching the scene.

Unlike his roommate, Gotou has complete control over all other parasites within the body. He’s even able to morph his body to optimize his physique and surpass even Shinichi’s physical capabilities. For the first time in a while, Shinichi’s facing an opponent who can actually overwhelm him.

After barely escaping, Shinichi has to remain on the run. With such a large target on his back, there’s no way he could return home. After hearing what happened to Kuramori’s family, he realizes everyone close to him is at risk.

I never really cared too much for Kuramori, but after seeing his breakdown, I started to sympathize with him. He was just living out his dream of becoming a detective. In the books, it probably seemed pretty glamorous, solving mysteries, fighting crime. What he didn’t think about was that there may be some mysteries better left unsolved.

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Back within the parasite organization, there appears to be a lot of animosity towards Tamura. She’s definitely interacted with humans a lot more than the others which gives her a better understanding of them. Maybe it’s the instincts she experienced when she gave birth, but she has a fascination of what humans are capable of. Rather than trying to understand her or the humans, the other parasites deem her as a threat.

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Tamura definitely isn’t like the other parasites. While most of them only care about survival, she was always pushing to learn more. She actually almost feels human at this point. Trying to find her purpose in life, while not neglecting her maternal duties, despite being a monster. Even her appearance seems to be more human like in recent episodes. I don’t know if it was just the way she was drawn, but her eyes don’t look as “dead” to me.

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  1. Okay, there’s this one character at the beginning of the series who hangs out with Nagai and is also one of Shinichi’s classmates who sits right next to him. I have NO IDEA WHAT HIS NAME IS! Who is he? It annoys me that I can’t figure it out!

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