Parasyte Episode 17 Review Reiko

Parasyte Episode 17 – Review

The other parasites have finally had enough of Tamura’s rational thinking and want to give her the boot.

Parasyte Anime Ep 17 Synopsis Reiko Parasite Form

The parasites think they have the upper hand simply because there’s three of them against Tamura. Unfortunately for them, Reiko’s mental capabilities have surpassed theirs, and she is able to come up with an effective strategy against them. Rather than facing them head on, she takes control over one of them, and makes the others turn on themselves.

Parasite True Form

Even after establishing their own little society, most parasites are only capable of thinking about themselves. Kusano instantly turns on his ally the second Tamura possesses her. His selfish decision made them lose their edge over Tamura, the fact that they outnumbered her. Now she’s able to make quick work of him thanks to her developed mind, giving her the edge in the fight.

At first, all parasites seemed to be equal, but as they continued to evolve, individuals began developing their own unique traits.

Tamura Reiko Emotions

Tamura Reiko has quickly become one of my favorite characters, despite being a Parasite. Unlike the others, she took the time to try and understand humans and their emotions. While she personally can’t feel the same emotions, she is able to rationalize their emotions. She has been able to mimic human emotions quite well though, similar to Miki.

Kiseijuu Ep 17 Review Shinichi Past

After browsing Shinichi’s photos, she seems to envy what he had, a family. She could never understand what it was, but she was always missing something. Since giving birth to the child, she began having motherly instincts and wanting more than just plain survival. She desires human relationships. Seeing how a family is bonded together, or how much a friend cares for Shinichi, Tamura is envious of such connections.

Parasyte the maxim ep 17 summary Murano death flags

I think it’s about time Murano has finally stopped being so hard on Shinichi. She kept putting him on the spot and blaming him for keeping secrets from her. I guess it’s just part of her nature to want to know about the person she cares about. She knows that he’s probably involved in some dangerous stuff, and can’t help but be worried. Although, if she keeps sticking her nose into places it doesn’t belong, she may meet a fate similar to Kana.

The detective tries to test Tamura by kidnapping her child. He wants her to feel the same pain that he did. While he threatens to harm the baby, he thinks that it won’t affect her, and in the end he’d just be harming an innocent child. To his surprise, Tamura’s motherly instincts kick in. Despite being a parasite, incapable of understanding human emotion, she instinctively reacted to save her child.

Shinichi Izumi Dead Eyes

At this point, there’s no place for Tamura to run to. The park has been surrounded by cops, and she can no longer return to the Hirokawa group. She’s on the run, with her child in hand, but I can only imagine that it’s only a matter of time before shes caught by either group.

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