Parasyte Episode 19 Review Migi

Parasyte Episode 19 – Review

After an emotional and climactic episode last week, we take things slow on this episode of Parasyte.

Kiseijuu Anime Ep 19 Review

It seems like every time, they’re so close to discovering Shinichi’s secret, but then they just blow it off. I guess no matter how many times he gets asked, he’s still biologically, and mentally a human. Uragami was initially spooked by his presence, but after taking the time to examine him, he no longer saw Shinichi as a threat.

Speaking of Uragami, we get some insight on the type of person he was. A serial killer that appeared really early on in the series is now playing a larger role in the series.

Parasyte the maxim Ep 19 Synopsis

He’s played around with humans, and pushed their emotions to their limits. From this, he’s comfortable with reading human emotions. When the parasites invaded, he was able to sense them. Like himself, the parasites slaughtered humans. Some for survival, and others for their own enjoyment. He connected with the parasites on this level. Both have little regard for human life and wouldn’t think twice before taking one for their own pleasure.

Parasyte Anime Episode 19 Summary

After their meeting, Shinichi finally begins to question his own values. He was able to indiscriminately kill parasites up until now, but after Reiko’s actions, he begins to doubt himself. Even though she took the lives of others, she evolved and grew. That doesn’t make up for the fact that she killed innocent people, but by the end of her life, she was a completely different “person”. Then we have Uragami, who’s human, and enjoys tormenting others. In a sense, he’s really no different from the parasites, yet Shinichi valued his life more because he was a “human”.

The aftermath of Reiko’s death has resulted in huge losses for the Hirokawa group as well as the special investigations unit having time to prepare. They’ve now acquired all the necessary information for them to launch an all out attack against the parasites.

Parasyte Murano x Shinichi Shipping

Meanwhile, Shinichi tries to go back to living a normal life. For the first time in a while, he’s back in school, and people are treating him like a normal kid again. He’s finally got closure on his mother’s death, and was able to return to his old self. He’s just about ready to put his past behind him, but a threat still remains. If he doesn’t cooperate with the investigators, who knows what will happen during the raid. Seeing Murano freaking out about what she witnessed, it seems like Shinichi doesn’t want her to go through that again.

The police begin their operation, and thanks to Shinichi’s intel, they have a secret weapon for the parasites. They’re also well equipped and can detect the parasites with their scanning technology. They technically don’t even need Uragami and Shinichi around, but I guess they want to give the whole “psychic powers” thing a shot, just in case.

Everything so far has gone smoothly, but the cops seem to have one fatal flaw in their plan. There are hundreds of innocent people amongst the crowd, and only a handful of parasites. They’re trying to single them out without raising suspicion. However, the second a parasite is confronted, there’s hundreds of people that will get caught in the cross fire.

Overall, I thought that the episode felt a bit disjointed to me. There were a lot of small events that kind of just blended together. Migi telling Shinichi about fire, him relaying it to the police, it all seemed like there were still preparations to be made. But then the next scene jumps straight into the operation which happened rather quickly. I don’t really consider a negative aspect though, since a lot of these events were small, but still necessary to the plot. I guess it works out better this way by skipping straight into the action next week.

Parasyte Episode 19 Discussion Murano Outburst

I also didn’t feel much impact from Murano’s little outburst. It probably has to be due to the fact she gets so little screen time, and we rarely see things from her perspective. Whenever we do see her, she’s usually nagging or showing concern for Shinichi. I guess we never really saw how messed up the high school kids were from the incident with A, since all the focus was on Shinichi who wasn’t fazed by it.

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    1. I could be wrong since it’s been a few weeks, but I think it had to do with Kuramori’s (the detective guy) intel that he shared before dying. Shinichi/Migi gave him the rundown about Reiko and who she was involved with, so I assume he passed on that information to Hirama

      They seemed to have an operation planned even before Shinichi joined them towards the end of the episode, so I’m leaning towards Kuramori being the source.

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