Parasyte Episode 21 Review

Parasyte Episode 21 – Review

With that episode, we have Shinichi going farther than any harem main character ever will…

We finally discover Hirokawa’s secret. He was just a crazy man who hated humans, and sympathized with the parasites. Before getting killed off, he shares his take on the situation. He believes that humans are toxic, and destroying the world and there is no one above us in the food chain.

Humans continue to find new ways to survive and the population just continues to increase, at the expense of the planet and other living creatures. Parasites take over the humans, and create a balanced world where the planet no longer suffers. He believes that they were brought to this world for the specific purpose of culling the race.

I think it’s interesting that Hirokawa managed to reach out and cooperate with the parasites. At the beginning of the series, they were all afraid of each other, and weren’t rational at all. It seems like they all had a great deal of respect towards him though. Despite being a lowly human, they allowed him to be their leader and took an interest in his philosophy.

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Uragami makes use of all of this chaos and finds his chance to escape. In the end, he’s still a psychopath and could care less about the human lives at stake. He was sentenced to death already, so why cooperate when he can just run away, and continue living.

Parasyte Episode 21 Reaction

At this point, all other parasites, aside from Gotou, have been eliminated. While he’s definitely not a sentimental person, he does seem to have some emotions. He lost a respected leader and all of his comrades have been slaughtered. There really is nothing left for him in this world. Even before losing everything, he stood at the very top of the food chain, given his unique circumstances. His only purpose for living is to assert his dominance over the inferior race.

Parasyte the maxim Ep 21 Summary

Shinichi failed to heed Migi’s warnings and didn’t escape while he could. Had he left, he might have been able to resume a somewhat normal life. Gotou didn’t seem too keen on hunting him down further initially, but after seeing him at the operation, he changes his mind. All of his fellow parasites were slaughtered because he let Shinichi get away (at least in his mind). If he can kill Shinichi, he can avenge his fallen parasites and continue moving on with his life. Shinichi is the only one who really poses any threat now, and Gotou is set on killing him.

After Gotou’s confrontation, Shinichi begins losing it. He saw what he was capable of, and there is little hope of defeating him. He’s been through a lot, but this is the first time he’s felt completely helpless. Gotou was dead serious on killing him, and he knows he can’t win in a straight up fight. He tries to brush it off, and almost seems at peace with dying.

Synopsis Parasyte Episode 21 Shinichi Gone Mad

As soon as Migi fell asleep, he went into full panic mode. Perhaps he thought that, with Migi, they would pull through like they always do. The second he falls asleep, he’s truly on his own, and that’s when all the fear sinks in. He never wanted to get involved with this, but now he’s paranoid since Gotou is going for his head.

Luckily, he runs into Murano who he can find some comfort in. At first, he comes off too strong. He had been bottling everything up for so long. His embrace almost seemed like he was fighting off the urge to just blurt out everything so he could get it off his chest. In the end, she finds him and they head back to her place.

Shinichi Murano Making Love

While it may seem a bit out of the blue, Murano really wanted to get closer to Shinichi. Without saying anything, the two are able to connect and share their feelings. Shinichi finally snaps out of his depressive state, and is determined to live on.

I’m curious how the rest of the series will play out. Will Uragami be a potential threat now that he’s escaped? How will Shinichi defeat Gotou without some random power up, or stroke of luck. While I have really been enjoying Parasyte so far, the execution of this last stage will basically determine if it’s a masterpiece in my book, or just another above average series.

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2 thoughts on “Parasyte Episode 21 – Review

    1. I thought it felt a bit out of place as well. I can see the significance of it though, Shinichi being clearly stressed out and Murano willing to be there for him. He couldn’t exactly blurt out everything to Murano, but she was willing to comfort him and support him. I guess by being intimate and physical, she could show that she’s there for him which gives him a reason to live on.

      That’s just my take on it though.

      I think the reason why it came off as being out of place for me was how they treated Murano as a character. She has very little screen time, and her appearances felt a bit forced (“Shinichi are you back?” With Tamura Reiko’s corpse laying in front of her along with all of her “are you really Shinichi?” moments).

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