Parasyte Episode 22 Review Migi Final Moments

Parasyte Episode 22 – Review

We hop right into the action this week with Gotou staying true to his word and hunting down Shinichi.

Gotou wastes no time and immediately begins pursuing Shinichi. Instead of consulting with the police, he decides to fight it out with Gotou on his own. Their chance of victory is slim, but he’d rather not have anyone caught in the crossfire. Gotou is only after him so he doesn’t want to drag innocent people into his mess.

Kiseijuu Anime Ep 22 Review Migi Battle

Direct combat against Gotou is impossible for Migi and Shinichi. Instead, they try to take a risk by devising a strategy that they have never tried. Migi being separated from Shinichi, they only have one chance at making it work. Ultimately, the plan fails by an inch as Migi wasn’t able to sever his head completely.

Parasyte Episode 22 Reaction Migi Death

With their doom imminent, Migi pleas for Shinichi to save his own life. At this point, the mission had failed and there was no way to escape. Migi was suppressing Gotou as he recovered and there was no way for the two to join back together. Shinichi would just die trying to save him by being in close range of Gotou.

Parasyte Ep 22 Synopsis Migi Dying

In his final moments, Migi reflects on his life with Shinichi. He had always been adamant that his own survival was of utmost important. Something seems to have changed since witnessing Reiko’s final moments, or maybe from all the time they spent together, but Migi truly cared about Shinichi. He has sentimental feelings for all the time that they’ve spent together. He’s also willing to sacrifice his own life to save a friend, something he would have never done in the past.

At the beginning, all Shinichi could hope for was to get rid of Migi. Now that he’s gone, he mourns for his fallen friend. The two fought in the past, but in the end they shared countless memories together.

Kiseijuu Ep 22 Summary Shinichi Mourning

Shinichi is just kind of lost and unsure of what he should do next. Gotou is still loose and would continue his wrath. Going back to his home would only bring more danger as he’s hunted down. He stumbles his way around until he meets a nice old lady who takes him in. He was ready to basically roll over and die but Mitsuyo nurtures him by giving him company.

In his darkest moment, when he thought he was all alone in the world, a complete stranger lent him a helping hand (no puns intended). He’s able to calm down a bit and enjoy life to an extent. He could almost even start a new life out in the country now that he’s just a normal human.

His small getaway doesn’t last long though as Gotou is still terrorizing the area. Shinichi feels guilty since he dragged him all the way out here and he’s now disrupting the peaceful villagers’ lives. He realizes none of this will end until either him or Gotou are dead and is ready to become the sacrificial lamb. At this point it’d just be suicide facing Gotou.

Parasyte the maxim Episode 22 Reactions

Mitsuyo gets fed up with Shinichi’s little “heroic” speech. In the end, he’s just a coward. He talks about sacrificing his life so the others don’t get hurt. Dying won’t solve the issue. Even worse, he’d be throwing away the life that Migi died trying to save. While he’s still determined to leave, he at least has a better outlook going into this. Instead of just walking in and dying, he’s ready to fight for his life as Migi would have wanted him to do.

In the end, Migi’s fate is still uncertain. We know that parts of him still exist within Shinichi. Also, knowing what Gotou is, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he decided to capture Migi. He’s already capable of controlling 5 parasites, and Migi being in a weakened state wouldn’t put up much of a fight and resist.

Shinichi reaction to Migi death

There’s only three episodes remaining, and I’m really interested in seeing how Shinichi deals with Gotou. All he has left is some superhuman physical abilities and using man made technology to outsmart Gotou. Clearly, he’s at a huge disadvantage but I guess I have to have faith in the powers of being a main character.

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