Parasyte Episode 23 Review

Parasyte Episode 23 – Review

The arc draws to a close as Shinichi sets off to settle things with Gotou and avenge his fallen Migi.

The episode begins with Shinichi’s monologue as he treks towards Gotou. For the first time, in a long time, Shinichi is finally alone. Whenever he had doubts or thoughts on his mind, he would always consult with Migi. He knows that the odds aren’t in his favor, but he can’t help but feel optimistic and numb to the actual dangers that lie ahead.

He could have easily fled and continued living his life, but he would carry the guilt of unleashing Gotou upon this small village. He felt like he started this war, and it’s only fair of him to finish it. There were countless of times where he should have died, and it’s a miracle that he still stands today.

Kiseijuu Episode 23 Review

He comes face to face with a sleeping Gotou. He’s remained calm this entire time, and it’s as if everything has been going too smoothly. His first assassination attempt ends in failure and only angers Gotou further. At this point, Gotou has given up trying to blend in with the humans. He has no reason to, return to the city life, where his entire colony has been exterminated. There’s no reason for him to cooperate with humans after they’ve wiped out his comrades.

Parasyte Episode 23 Reaction Gotou Fight

Even with his heightened physical abilities, Shinichi can’t possibly match up to Gotou. Shinichi accepts his death, but vows to inflict a wound on Gotou. At least this way, his death would have some meaning to it, hopefully allowing others to take down the beast in the future. He gambles everything on landing one blow, which he does and manages to prolong the fight.

Parasyte the maxim Ep 23 Summary

That wound ended up being the turning point for Shinichi. Laced with poisonous substances, it wreaks havoc in Gotou’s body, making him lose control of the parasites. Migi and Shinichi are finally reunited. I guess it was a mix between Gotou being on the verge of self-destructing, and Migi valuing Shinichi as more than just a host. By rejoining with Shinichi, they’re able to dispose of the weakened Gotou.

Kiseijuu Anime Ep 23 Synopsis

As Gotou tries to regenerate himself, Shinichi battles between crossing that line of what is humanity. While Migi doesn’t hold any emotional attachment to Gotou, he rationalizes that finishing him would be considered a crime by human standards. The decision is left to Shinichi, whether Gotou lives or dies.

Perhaps parasites and Gotou are a necessity to maintain balance on Earth. Every creature has a predator, except for the human race who are constantly taking from the planet and destroying it. He doesn’t feel that it’s fair for him to kill Gotou who is only acting based on his instincts. He’s clearly not a rational human being, and believes that it’d be unfair to impose human values on him. We don’t fault a lion for killing a deer for means of survival. It’s unfair for him to apply the man made rules and laws to a non-human.

Parasyte Ep 23 Discussion Shinichi Killing Gotou

He’s ready to walk away, until he has a change of heart. He’s only one individual amongst billions. On a larger scope, he’s an insignificant being on the planet, and ultimately his decisions won’t make a huge impact. Humans are selfish creatures, wanting to put their best interest ahead of others. Shinichi decides to side with this rationale. By killing Gotou, he can protect his family and those he cares about from him, and that’s all that really matters to him in the end.

Overall, it seems like a depressing way for the mighty Gotou to be defeated. He was unstoppable, but in the end, he was as fragile as Reiko had suggested. I like how they set up all of the elements leading up to his defeat. The acrylic paint material being toxic to parasites was mentioned back with Hideo. Gotou having to rest was brought to light with Migi’s random sleep periods. Lastly, Migi being able to survive within Gotou was explored during Reiko’s fight with her fellow parasites.

Shinichi vs Gotou Battle

I guess this would technically be the climax of the series, the main threat has been eliminated. I’m interested in seeing how they wrap up the rest of the series in the final episode. Are there still parasites remaining elsewhere? What will become of Shinichi’s life now? What happened to the escaped Uragami? There’s still a lot of questions that need to be addressed.

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2 thoughts on “Parasyte Episode 23 – Review

  1. This episode gave me a real headache. I actually got from it that rather than him feeling like an insignificant human being among many. I think he finally decided to kill Gotou because Migi reminded him that the Earth does not feel and if the human race were to be wiped out it would be alone and useless. So it’s like Migi reminded him humans can be emotional and have even more to lose so he should be sure about his final decision.

    Thus Shinichi sees humans are the only organisms capable of emotion and because of that he should try to protect humans since they have families, emotions, and memories to cherish with one another. So he chooses humanity even at the cost of dooming Earth.

    But that is just my two cents. I think there could be a lot of good interpretations for Parasyte’s Episode 23. I am more worried about the final episode at this point.

    1. I actually was thinking about that interpretation as I was writing up my thoughts as well! There was a lot of talking and exposition this episode which left a lot of room for interpretation which I loved. Humans are definitely unique in respect to Earth’s creatures. We’re the only species that really feels certain emotions like wanting revenge, or holding sentimental value to people/objects. I think animals can feel certain emotions to an extent (like fear) which was one of the reasons why I changed my opinion on the scene.

      I’m really curious as to how they’ll wrap it up now. As far as we know, they only dealt with parasites within their region, who knows if they’re still at large and causing problems elsewhere? Hopefully the ending is somewhat conclusive and does the rest of the series justice!

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