Parasyte Episode 24 Review End

Parasyte Episode 24 (END) – Review

Another series has come to an end. Similar to all my other reviews at the end of the season, I’ll first go over the final episode of Parasyte, before going over my thoughts of the series as a whole.

Parasyte Episode 24 Review

After a climactic battle with Gotou, Shinichi returns to his everyday life. Since that incident, the existence of parasites had been kept under wraps. Some time has passed and there were no longer any parasite incidents being reported, even though some managed to survive throughout the world. That battle set a huge precedent for both sides. Humans realized the cost they had to pay for trying to fight the parasites, while the parasites realized that they’re far outnumbered and can’t draw attention to themselves. In the end, parasites have evolved to the point where they can completely blend in with society.

Parasyte Finale Review

Now that the world is peaceful again, Migi decides it is time for him to leave. Perhaps now that the world has calmed down, he’s no longer needs to watch over Shinichi. In the end, he doesn’t see the same world that Shinichi does. After he’s spent so much time gathering information, maybe he’s reached the same conclusion that Reiko had when it comes to their existence. Still unsure of how he fits into the world, he is able to at least rest and give Shinichi his normal life back.

Even if they can’t see eye to eye, Migi definitely still does care for Shinichi. After all the problems that resulted from Migi controlling his hand, the least he could do is let Shinichi return to an average and fulfilling life.

After Migi departs, we have a time skip where everyone has moved on. Everything is back to how it was, almost as if the parasites never existed. Shinichi is adjusting back to a normal life. He reflects on everything that has happened in the past few years, and tries to understand what it means to be human.

Parasyte Episode 24 Reaction

Deep down, we’re selfish creatures. We’re the only ones who hold these social standards or form relationships. We assign our values and beliefs to all other life forms, and act as if we truly understand them. When we protect other species or the world, we do it out of our own interests, rather than taking theirs into account. He accepts that is what humans are, and that there is no need to dig past that. We’re all born on the same planet, and should all be able to coexist with each other.

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The final piece that we needed closure on was the escaped Uragami. While Shinichi had found peace within himself Uragami was the complete opposite. As a psychopath, he can’t comprehend what it means to be human. He identifies with the animals who live solely based on their instincts and can’t comprehend human actions. Humans conform to society’s standards and force themselves to behave in an orderly conduct. He seeks acknowledgement from Shinichi who he felt a similar vibe from.

Parasyte the maxim last episode summary

After all this time of Satomi questioning his identity, and treating him as a monster, she finally acknowledges that Shinichi is in fact a human. He feels emotions, and can sympathize with other living creatures. He is nothing like the crazy Uragami who only thinks about his own enjoyment. As Shinichi tries to save Satomi, he falls a bit short and is crushed. Thankfully, an old friend is still keeping a watchful eye over him, wanting Shinichi to be happy.

Parasyte Ending Discussion

Overall, this entire episode was like an epilogue, wrapping up small details and showing us the aftermath of the parasite invasion. I felt that the Uragami drama felt a bit out of place, especially after the battle with Gotou. I can see how it fits in with the theme of the show though. While parasites were the main focus, humans themselves can be ugly creatures and still remain their own greatest threat.

In the end, we’re always trying to become closer with our surroundings. We’ll never be able to fully understand another living creature, but we can continue to understand each other on certain aspects, but we’ll never be completely the same.

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Parasyte Anime Review

The series started off with quite a bit of hype. We had a survival-esque story where these parasites suddenly appear, and begin threatening the human race. As we dove deeper into the series, the issue at hand became a lot more complex. At first we could easily judge these parasites as monsters needing to be destroyed. Around the middle of the series, we start to sympathize with these creatures who are just living by their instincts. By the end of the series we acknowledge that perhaps they weren’t evil, and we really have to question if humans were in the wrong for the way they treated them.

The adaptation by madhouse was handled amazingly. They took a manga that had been completed back in the 90s and modernized it, while still remaining faithful to the source material.


Parasyte the maxim Ep 24 Synopsis

I think the story writing of Parasyte was well done. Everything flowed together and had a purpose. We saw a lot of seemingly random scenes (Uragami in the first episode, the Yakuza slaughter) throughout the series that later ended up being significant. All the smaller details had been carefully planned from the beginning. There were no real filler moments throughout the story. No matter how many deaths we saw, or how many parasites Shinichi killed, they always had some kind of impact on him and his character growth. Whether it was making him numb to all the death surrounding him, or making him question his own values, there was always some sort of progression.


Aside from Migi, and Shinichi, the other character’s weren’t heavily focused on. We saw everything from their perspective and constantly heard how they interpreted those around them. This really fit in with the final message of the series about always trying to get closer to others, but never being able to fully understand them.

Parasyte Anime Review

For example, Satomi, from most viewer’s examples, was a bit annoying and naggy at times. She would constantly question Shinichi’s identity, and have some of the most aggravating appearances. It wasn’t until the last episode where we learn that her questioning him was stemming from her own insecurity of being left behind. She thought that Shinichi was moving further away from her, and she wanted to try to stay by his side.

Reiko would have to be my favorite character of the series. She started off similar to all the other parasites, not caring about the humans and doing whatever she pleased. As she began to live, she started seeking deeper answers and wanting to find her existence. During her life span, she never really found a solid answer, but she did find something worth living for. No matter how strong the parasites seemed, in the end they were as weak and lost as all the humans were.

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The characters who grew the most throughout the series (at least from our perspective) had to be Shinichi and Migi. Shinichi was a wimpy kid, who kind of just wherever life took him. He took things for granted, and never really examined life beyond face value. Since meeting Migi, his entire life changed, seeing the world from a completely different perspective. Migi as well was similar to your other parasites, only worrying about their own survival. By the end of it, Migi is able to understand human emotions to an extent, and even harbors some himself for Shinichi.


I guess the main themes or messages that I picked up were reiterated in the final episode. The first being what does it mean to be a human. Whether it’s defined by race or a certain set of characteristics we possess, we find Shinichi, and others constantly questioning who is a human. I think that Satomi had a great take on the issue towards the end. How humans are differentiated from other species with their ability to treasure all forms of life and the ability/desire to protect what’s important to them.

Parasyte Series Review

The other main message that was explored throughout the series was trying to figure out the meaning of life. Several characters (mostly parasites) searched to find the reason that they were put on the Earth. In the end, no one was able to find a concrete answer, but they’re all able to find something that makes their life worth living. Perhaps we don’t have a purpose on this planet and it’s up to the individual to find the meaning of their life.

Final Thoughts

Again, the adaptation of Parasytes remained faithful to the source and was well executed. While the ending may not have been conclusive, it was still a satisfying end. We were never able to fully understand what parasites were or where they came from. However, we managed to coexist with them peacefully. As creatures from the same planet, we were able to reach some level of understanding, even if we never found a solid answer.

That wraps up my thoughts on the series. I enjoyed blogging this series on a weekly basis and will definitely miss it.

After tomorrow, I’ll officially be done blogging for all of the series that I am currently following, I’d love my weekly ramblings into the Spring season, so check out my watching list and let me know which series you’d like me to share my thoughts on next season!


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      1. True that. Although I think everyone is ripping of everyone since the beginning of time. I mean, ‘The Body Snatchers’ (1884) came first, if you put it that way.

        1. it’s actually called ” the invasion of the body snatchers” and there is a big difference in “ripping off” and being inspired, and using a vessel (formula) to portray a story. the important part of parasyte is the life lesson. not the fact that there are parasytes. that is just a vessel. parasyte is a philosophy. invasion of the body snatchers is entertainment. and i’v never seen the host so idk about that. but either way. life lessons, philosophy, and sheer entertainment all have their importance in society. parasyte didnt “rip iotbs off” it borrowed a storry telling tool and basic outline to portra something beautiful and important.

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