Psycho Pass 2 Episode 1 Review

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 1 – First Impressions

We’re back! While it’s only the first episode, most of my concerns regarding the sequel were lifted after watching it. Even though it’s a sequel, it felt like we were being reintroduced to the series for the first time again. It almost felt as if this could be a standalone series based on the events and introduction.

Psycho Pass Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Akane has become quite the investigator. She’s able to keep her emotions in check, and evaluate the situation thoroughly. After all she’s experienced from the first season, she really has become a seasoned veteran of the MWPSB. Despite all of that, she still remains true to herself. Instead of just getting the job over with, like the other investigators wanted, she puts her life on the line to try and save the troubled person. Society (Sibyl) has given up on him, marking him for termination, yet Akane refuses to give up on him, and pleads for his cooperation.

Psycho-Pass 2 First Impressions

To contrast Akane’s views, we have the new inspector, Mika, making her debut. Mika is fresh out of school, and newly assigned to the MWPSB which may be the reason why she views everything as black and white. She’s been raised believing in the Sibyl system, never raising any doubts surrounding it. This is the way the world is, and this is what has to be done. She doesn’t treat the enforcers as equals, and blindly follows the system. I’d say that she’s still naive, being new in the work force, she hasn’t gone through the experiences that these other investigtors have.

Psycho Pass 2 Impressions

Ginoza was once in a similar position to Mika. He used to be strict with the enforcers, and complied strictly with the system. A combination of the experiences from the first season, and the freedom of being an enforcer seems to have changed his views on the world.

Psycho Pass Second Season Episode 1 Review

Kitazawa (the threat) is fed up with the world. Sibyl has destroyed all motivation for the entire society, since they are told exactly how to live their lives. Lives become repetitive, with little to no meaning. Kitazawa had been an amazing student who likely strived to succeed. But when the Sibyl system tells him otherwise, he has the right to be fed up. No matter what you do in this society, your worth is judged by this system and you can’t escape it.

Psychopass 2 ep 1 review

Even though Akane doesn’t agree with this system, she still sides with it, since she believes it has benefited society. While it may not be perfect, it has reduced crime rates overall, and society is at peace. However, it’s only a matter of time until people begin revolting, wanting to have their freedom. At the end of the episode, we have another person, like Makashima, who wants to overthrow the Sibyl system.

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 1 Discussion

The premiere of Psycho-Pass 2 was pretty solid in my eyes. As I mentioned, it felt like I was watching the series for the first time again. They didn’t get too technical with the environment, but explained things in enough detail to refresh my memory.

Psychopass s2 ep 1 thoughts

Since we hopped right into a case, we didn’t really get an explanation on where these enforcers came from. They could just be random guys, but the OP leads me to believe otherwise. It looks like Tougane will play a significant role in this season, but you have to wonder what his origins are.

Psychopass s2 first impressions

Akane is also still serving the Sibyl system after all of those events. She doesn’t agree with it, but she takes the utilitarian perspective, and puts up with it because it’s what is best for society. Since she already knows all of the secrets, I’m curious as to what her solution would be. It’s clear that if this continues, it will be a never ending cycle of unrest as people continue to desire to break free from the mold.

Psycho-Pass 2 First Impressions Akane

The opening was probably the highlight of the episode for me. It raises so many questions through the animation itself. Kougami’s whereabouts are still unknown, but the opening makes our imaginations fire off. How is Tougane connected to Kogami? Did something happen to him between the two seasons (already confronted with Akane)? I guess only time will tell, but they have my attention!

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2 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 1 – First Impressions

  1. I know this first episode makes one think it would be more Psycho-Pass like the old times. Just finished watching the episode myself.

    But also have to agree with that our new villain is setting off some Shogo Makishima vibes. He is basically rebelling like Makishima did. Hopefully he will be successful. I hate the Sybil System and want it to be destroyed for good.

    1. Yeah, screw the Sibyl system!

      It doesn’t seem like they can keep this calm peace for much longer. Even without Makishima or this new guy’s intervention, people were already getting fed up with it.

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