Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10 Reaction Akane Dead Eyes

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10 Review

Man, there’s been so much back and forth this season between Kamui and Sibyl. At this point, I’m pretty darn confused, but I’ll try to share my thoughts on the episode anyways.

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10 Review Akane Stressed out

Akane just seems so worn out. Even before the whole grandma fiasco, she was stressing out over the Kamui case. She had been constantly overworking herself and everyone was growing concerned for her. With the added stress of her family being involved, she’s completely drained. Even though she hasn’t gone full psycho mode yet, she’s become a robot whose only duty is to work on the case.

Psycho Pass S2 Ep 10 Impressions Mika helping

I wonder how far Togane has to go before Mika realizes what she’s done. She’s always believed in the Sibyl system, and after learning the truth, part of her still wants to believe in the system, but her morals are telling her otherwise. Perhaps it’s because she’s been raised trusting the system all her life, or because she lost her friends due to someone not following their orders. At least she’s traumatized by what happened and has been of some help to Akane. All of the reports she wrote in spite of her were actually valuable pieces of information.

Psycho Pass Season 2 Ep 10 Summary Kamui's Plan

Kamui’s plan is to overload the Sibyl System by requesting a large amount of judgements in a short period of time. I’m not sure what kind of technology they have, but you’d think that they have the bandwidth to transfer all of that data. What would happen if there were a large riot and inspectors needed to activate their dominators repeatedly? Maybe I’m reading too much into it and this flaw has always been apparent, but only Kamui is abusing it.

Synopsis Psycho-Pass II Episode 10 Akane

Back at the headquarters, Kasei tries to push Akane down the red path. Either she kills Kamui or hundreds of civilians will be killed. For a system supposedly put in place to better mankind, Sibyl can act with their own best interest in mind. They don’t necessarily care what happens to the bystanders as long as Kamui is taken care of. Being under a utilitarian rule, they figure if they stop Kamui here, the goose chase can end, and no others will have to die. Although, if Sibyl just disposed of Kamui

Akane going crazy

To further entice Akane, they show her the image of her poor grandma. Akane really managed to keep her composure ever since Yuki’s (her friend) death, but this finally pushed her over the edge. Seeing the talk in the past, her grandma was someone she could turn to when she was feeling overwhelmed. On top of that, she’s an innocent granny who’s been through a lot, who would even consider harming her?

Kogami Appearance Psychopass season 2

With that loss, Akane finds herself in Kogami’s shoes. She wanted to serve the system and do what’s best for society, but her emotions are beginning to take over. Part of her wants to avenge her grandmother, but that same drive is what caused Kogami to flee. Ever since losing Kogami, she’s been using him as a form of counseling. Even if he’s not there, her memories of him always manages to soothe her. Thanks to this “therapy” she’s able to calm down and reassess the situation properly.

Akane manages to come up with a resolution that benefits both parties. While both Kamui and Sibyl aren’t exactly good people, she tries to get them both to compromise. Sibyl can avoid contradicting themselves by not being immune to their own system, while Kamui can judge Sibyl. Misako, being in control at the moment, doesn’t want to cooperate with them. Kamui is something that she created, and would rather bury under the rug. Going by the utilitarian principles, Sibyl should have no objections if they’re viewing it objectively.

Kamui Kirito vs Togane

In the end, Akane figures out everything. Misako took over the case and has been using Togane to serve in their best interest. Rather than agree to the compromise, Togane is ready to kill Kirito to protect their secret, even if it’s a detriment to society. Seeing Togane’s psycho-pass reading, I have to assume that Misako was the one turning a blind eye to him. Either way, we end off on a cliffhanger with only one episode left!

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4 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10 Review

  1. The first series already showed how ill-equipped the system and the MWPSB is for dealing with a large scale riot. That is because large-scale riots or any riots in particular are supposed to be non-existent with the Sybil system in place. Anyone conceiving such thoughts would be detained and/or judged well before any riots would occur. Its only through the actions of Makishima and his helmets that he is able to cause one.

    Besides that, the bandwidth IS there for high volume judgements, its just not as secure as the normal channels. Kamui’s plan is to overload the heavily secured normal channels, so the system is forced to use the less secure backup channels for bandwidth (another possibility is that it is forced to resort to a less secure but less bandwidth taxing encryption protocol). Presumably, Sybil’s location is untraceable (or unhackable) in normal usage, but they would be able to exploit the back-up protocol to find Sybil.

    The only thing I still don’t understand is what is preventing Sybil from simply locking out the stolen Dominators. They are keyed in for inspectors, so locking them out would not be difficult. And its not as though the Sybil is unable to take independent action, as both mother and son Togane are definitely acting suspiciously with regards to Tsunemori. Sybil/Togane are definitely playing out some sort of endgame here.

    1. Thanks for that explanation, I actually forgot that they weren’t well equipped for large scale riots.

      That was the thing that was confusing to me as well. My memory may be a bit hazy, but those dominators were taken from deceased inspectors and enforcers. I’m wondering how they’re still being activated when the assigned user is clearly not using it.
      Maybe they’re tricking the system using Shisui somehow, but how can they really overlook an exploit as big as that one?

  2. Thanks for ur review and i hav always been ur reader.
    I love how they describe kougami as akane’s pain killer. Im sorry idk how to impressed him . since first time, there are some suspicious things around sibyl system. Why dominator can hand over to other people outside of police organization (i have an intention to kamui’s helper who shoot some people in a train). Cant wait for next week

    1. Thanks for reading the blog!

      Yeah, Sibyl definitely has their own issues with corruption, which is a bit contradictory since they’re supposed to bring stability to the nation. Looking forward to seeing how they wrap up everything next week and how it will tie into the movie!

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