Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11 Review

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11 (END) – Review

A rather short season of Psycho Pass has come to an end. With a different production staff, it was inevitable for there to be some major changes this season. With that said, I’ll go over my thoughts on the second season at the end of my episode 11 reflections.

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11

Sakuya Togane Going Crazy

I don’t know why, but it was satisfying seeing Tougane finally show his true colors. Seeing him shouting and lose his temper seemed much more fitting for such a mama’s boy. While he tries to remind Akane of what Kamui did to her grandmother, hearing his desperate pleas just makes him feel less convincing. Akane manages to keep her cool and deals with him in a very calm manner.

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11 Reaction Kirito

Kamui, like Sibyl, is made up of many other people. By implanting their remains into his body, he feels the burden of living for their sake. However, not being recognized by Sibyl has made that impossible. By being denied recognition, Kamui cannot live on for the sake of his classmates. In this society, where people don’t stray from the “norm”, not being recognized means a life of solitude and of no meaning.

Togane Sakuya Mother Complex

We finally learn what caused Togane to become the most latent criminal in the history of Sibyl. As a child he was criminally asymptomatic, but in present day we’re aware of his hue. The only thing that kept him sane was having his mother by his side. When he found out she would be joining Sibyl, he lost it, not only killing her, but clouding his hue as well. Togane’s whole motivation for corrupting inspectors stems back to his deep seeded mommy issues. By making everyone around his mother black, her clear hue will continue to shine bright amongst them all.

Psycho Pass S2 Ep 11 Summary

Kamui finally gets through to Sibyl, and they reflect on themselves. Taking in criminally asymptomatic people to judge others wasn’t as perfect as they had hoped. In the end, those people were still committing crimes. Bringing such people into the system only led to corruption, as in Misako’s case. She operated in her own best interests, and went against the laws of society numerous times. By disposing of her, and the other criminals, Sibyl can begin rebuilding as a more sound system.

Kamui Kirito Death Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11 Synopsis

In the end, Kamui finally gets what he wished for, to be recognized. Sibyl acknowledges him as a collective unit, and assigns a psycho pass based on all parts of him. He still wants to take down the system as a whole, believing that there is no future for such a method of judgement. He seems to have a lot of faith in Akane though, and entrusts the future to her. He believes that she’s capable of evaluating society indiscriminately.

Sakuya Togane True Color

At this point, Togane’s appearances are hysterical for me. From someone who appeared to be so intelligent and well composed, he’s nothing but a kid in the end. It’s like he suddenly has the mental capacity of a child, which was all triggered from losing his mother again. It’s like he’s throwing a temper tantrum because Akane won’t get mad at him. While he still manages to take out Kamui, there’s nothing he can do against Akane, who still hasn’t let her emotions take over, and peacefully arrests him.

Mika Shimotsuki Being Useless

I was actually pretty amazed that Mika hasn’t changed a bit since the start of the season. She’s still blindly believing in Sibyl. Lucky for her, she doesn’t have to go over the edge and stain her own hands. Since only Togane and Misako knew about her involvement, she can go on her life, forgetting that this ever happened (as well as all of us).

Psycho Pass 2 Final Episode Review

We get a brief epilogue to show the aftermath of this entire season. It felt a bit rushed to me, and it feels as if we left off exactly where we were at the end of the first season. Mika still believes in following the system, but at least she has a bit of emotional scarring from being on the front lines. Akane is still as composed as ever, and Sibyl continues to strive for a perfect society.

Psycho Pass 2 Anime Review

The second season of Psycho Pass felt a lot more plot driven than the first. There was far less character development and world building as it mainly focused on the events of the Kamui Kirito case. While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just didn’t captivate me the same way season one did.

Character Development

Psycho Pass Second Season Review

This season really lacked in this department for me. While I wasn’t expecting a ton of it (considering how much Akane grew from the first season), I was at least expecting more from Mika. She bears a bit of guilt, but her reaction of trying to bury everything under the rug seemed a bit ridiculous. She’s seen how horrible Sibyl can be, yet she hasn’t changed her mind at all.

Togane’s character does a complete 180 over the span of an episode. He goes from this mysterious, underhanded enforcer, to a complete mama’s boy. I was hoping that he’d have a deeper motivation for his hobby, but it all stems back to him trying to make his mom look better. He was completely calm and calculating, but by the end of it, he seemed like a train wreck.

Psycho Pass 2 Anime Review Togane Tragedy

I guess there was some tragedy to his character. He was born with a specific purpose in mind. Being such a warped child at a young age, he had no place to belong, which probably developed his need for his mother. Overlooking all of the horrible things he did, I guess I have to feel a bit of sympathy for him. He really is just a child in a man’s body.

Psycho Pass Season 2 Reaction

Shisui was another inspector who got a decent amount of focus, but we still know absolutely nothing about her. She was kidnapped by Kamui, and began doing his dirty work. But we never really found out if she was brainwashed by him, or if she truly converted to his side. If it’s the latter, I’m curious as to what her reasoning was behind jumping ship. Seeing her softly touch her missing eye leads me to believe that she fell for Kamui’s ideal, but that’s just my guess.

The Ending

As I mentioned earlier, the ending did feel a bit rushed to me. Kamui and Togane had all of this build up which gets settled instantly. When seeing the after effects of this whole fiasco, it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Sibyl is still in place, Mika is still crazy for Sibyl, Akane is still an inspector. Older faces didn’t get much screen time, so my opinion on them hasn’t changed. Heck, even Hinakawa, being a new character, barely played a role in this season.

Final Thoughts

Akane Shocked at Kirito Death

I feel like I’m being a bit critical in some of my points, but the first season initially set the bar for my expectations. While it wasn’t bad by any means, it just felt like something was lacking. Maybe it was the lack of Kogami, or maybe it was the constant spouting of colors which threw me off. Perhaps the biggest thing that left me unsatisfied, is how little we’ve progressed after an entire season. Not much has changed, all of the newly introduced factors (Misako, Togane, Kamui) have all been erased. Society hasn’t changed, and the rest of the MWPSB are exactly where we left off. Mika might have a bit of development, but it’s hard to say without more episodes.

Is Psycho Pass 2 Good or Bad

Overall, it was still enjoyable to watch, and was a decent action series. The music remained top notch even if there were some slight dips in animation. I’m still looking forward to the movie. Even if I didn’t find the second season as captivating, I still do love the Psycho-Pass universe. I was initially pretty worried when they were going to touch on a series that left me satisfied. I think they did a decent job at expanding the story and adding on to the universe. Anyways, enough of my rambling, how did you feel about this season of Psycho Pass?

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One thought on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11 (END) – Review

  1. I actually liked S2 a lot. I know there were some questions but there are some answers too. Like in S1 we are always amazed by Akane’s willpower to keep a crystal clear hue. I find this season somewhat explains how she is able to do that with Kamui. Also, I actually understood why Togane is Togane. Togane shares this with Makishima. In the end of S1 Makishima also desired to be defeated by a worthy opponent, a kindred to him. That is also simplistic in its ideals and something that may mitigate some of his nefarious qualities but it works for him. The sort of childhood that Togane had it is normal for him to want to please his mother with oedipal zeal. This works for him because it also reflects the shattered feelings he has of not understanding why he is no longer really AA (though if you think on it as he is almost the same as Kamui too it does explain why he may stop being AA due to his semi-artificially induced AA status in the first place).

    What really shone for me this season is the reading of Akane. Akane is shown to be super intelligent — to go beyond the primers of both Kogami and Makishima. She has been them in a way but also surpassed them. And I think Kogami and Makishima knew this. In fact, so did Kamui. And so did Sibyl. That Akane is an anomaly with no decipherable label. She has both asymptomatic and symptomatic characteristics which is bizarre union but that is her integral being and it really frightens and fascinates both her allies and foes.

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