Psycho Pass 2 Episode 2 Review

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 2 – Review

We dive right into things once again! The episode felt a bit rushed to me with all of the jumping back and forth, and the fact that time breezed by as I was watching it. It’s a bit expected that things would be moving quickly though, given how there are only 11 episodes!

Psycho Pass 2 Ep 2 Review

Mika is coming down hard on her enforcers and Akane. Being new to the MWPSB, she wants to do everything by the books. She has absolute faith in the Sibyl system, and sees everything as black and white. She’s uptight just like how Ginoza was back in the day. Everyone else is a lot more laid back since they’ve been with the system for so long. They’re not slaves to the Sibyl and have their own free will, despite working in the MWPSB.

Psycho Pass Season 2 ep 2 Impressions

From Kitazawa’s interrogation, you have to question how someone is getting in and out of the system undetected. The other officers still have full faith in Sibyl, and take it’s word as absolute truth. Because of this, they release a convicted terrorist. They saw him commit the criminal acts, yet because Sibyl says he’s not a threat, they have no choice but to let him go. Everyone is far too comfortable with the system, to the point where they aren’t able to think or make decisions for themselves.

PsychoPass S2 Episode 2 Full Review

After getting chased into a corner, Kitazawa can no longer suppress his psycho pass. In his last moments, he does reveal a few key pieces of information. It was a tragic end for him though. Ultimately, he was being used by Kamui to prove a point, or stir up trouble. He was fed up with the system, and thought he could work alongside Kamui in order to expose it.

New Psycho Pass Villain

Kamui is managing to sneak around the Sibyl system somehow. I’m interested in learning how he’s able to avoid detection. Unlike Makishima, Kamui lets his emotions show. He believes that there is redemption for those who have clouded psycho passes. I agree that the current system is extremely harsh, but I guess we’ll just have to see what his solution for it is. It seemed like he was tricking the system with Kitazawa, as opposed to Akane actually consoling him back to sanity.

Psycho Pass S2 Thoughts

In the bit of downtime we got this episode, we learn more about Akane and Tougane. Tougane reminds me a lot of Kougami. Their demeanor and speech are pretty similar. Not to mention that they both trained with the robots, lift weights, and both smoke. Unlike Hinakawa, who seems to play a small role, there’s likely much more to Tougane.

Psycho Pass 2 Akane Smoking

Akane seems to still bear the burden of not being able to save Kougami. She’s constantly thinking about work, and trying to analyze every little detail that may have been overlooked. In her time alone, she’s lighting up cigarettes, which to me, looks like a way of comforting herself. Kougami was the one who helped guide her, back in the first season, and now she’s basically on her own. She’s become a lot more perceptive, and is becoming more like him since he’s left.

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