Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3 Review

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3 – Review

Going into this season, I was worried that they may have been biting off more than they can chew. I loved the first season of Psycho Pass, and didn’t want them to risk reopening the story. This past episode though has really caught my interest and I’m looking forward to how they tie it all together!

Psycho Pass S2 Ep 3 Review Kamui torture

The beginning of this episode was pretty creepy. It’s weird seeing an inspector being so vulnerable. They’re trained to remain calm in most situations, so that they can deliver justice through the Sibyl system. Here, Shisui is completely helpless as Kamui continues to experiment with her. This scene only raises more questions on who Kamui really is. While he dreams of a world without Sibyl, which honestly, isn’t a bad thing, he resorts so some pretty brutal methods to reach his goal.

Psycho Pass Season 2 Episode 3 Thoughts Kamui

It seems like Kamui is trying to begin a revolution just like Makishima. He reaches out to those who hate the system, and offers them immunity from it. They end up becoming brainwashed and see him as some kind of savior. He’s basically freeing everyone from being oppressed. With his help, they can avoid detection of the Sibyl system, and live however they want to.

Akane Psycho Pass Second Season Episode 3 Impressions

With the Kitazawa case coming to a close, poor Akane is the center of attention. Everyone is worried about her mental state, and treating her as if she’s gone crazy! While it’s understandable, since she’s been so obsessed with the case, you’d expect normal people to question things deeper. The other inspectors have complete faith in Sibyl, and see no need to question further. The only one who thinks for themselves is Togane, who has a mysterious background as well.

PsychoPass 2 Anime Episode 3 Summary

Togane was apparently the highest recorded crime coefficient. There is obviously something special about him, since he managed to avoid being disposed of. With the Sibyl system keeping a close eye on him, it makes me wonder how he even got into the job in the first place. If they knew about his past, why would they even allow him to be a part of the justice system. I guess since they could no longer dispose of him, they decided it’d be better to keep an eye on him under the system. Togane likely has his own motives for getting into the MWPSB, and is definitely someone to watch out for.

Inspector Aoyanagi Story Episode 3

We learn a bit more about Aoyanagi this episode, which also raises some death flags later on! She’s not as cold hearted as she appears. As a human, you should be rational, and use your own judgement to make decisions. However, once she holds the dominator, she forgets about all of that, and allows Sibyl to make decisions for her. For those of you who may be confused about her incident with her enforcer (like I was), this was actually part of the extended scenes in the re-airing of the first season.

New Inspector Mika Psycho Pass 2

Mika, or Shimotsuki, continues to be aggravating to say the least. I can see where she’s coming from, seeing how her friend was killed because of the inspectors not acting quickly enough, you can see why she obeys Sibyl so quickly. At this point, she seems to have lost a lot of respect for Akane and wants to prove that the Sibyl system is always correct. As of now, she doesn’t really feel like a main character. Aside from being against Akane, she hasn’t provided much to the story so far.

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