Psycho Pass 2 Episode 4 Review

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 4 – Review

Dang… this was one massacre of an episode. They even brought up the idea of eustress this episode which makes a lot of sense. In a society where your life is decided from the day you’re born, there is no sense of fulfillment or motivation in your life.

Psycho Pass II Episode 4 Impressions

Everyone has become far too comfortable with the Sibyl system. The civilians trapped within the area far outnumber the culprit. Instead of ganging up on him, they just sit around and wait to be killed. Even the inspectors and enforcers strictly abide by Sibyl’s judgement. Mika once again, refusing to think for herself, ends up causing unneeded deaths.

Psycho Pass S2 Ep 4 Review

As Aoyanagi revealed in the previous episode, she loses herself when using a dominator. She forgets all about the decision making, and let’s Sibyl pass judgement. Once again though, the dominators are useless when the hue reading is off. She could have shot him with the nail gun, but goes back to the trusty Sibyl system. I guess it’s fitting that the same system that she trusted so much ends up being her demise. She devoted her life and trust to the system, and in the end she’s viewed as scum that is targeted for deletion.

Psycho Pass 2 New dominator rifle

The other enforcers and investigators dispatched to the scene highlight one of the problems with the current system. These people don’t bother thinking for themselves. One of their own colleagues was in the area, and they didn’t hesitate before opening fire. These people had been told their whole lives, that the Sibyl system would protect and save them. Yet it turns on them the second something out of their control raises their psycho-pass.

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 4 Thoughts

Society has been conditioned into a false sense of security. Even back in the first season, when riots were occurring, people just kind of sat back and watched. They had no idea how to react to those types of situations and allowed them to carry on. Even Mika here refuses to take action and remains calm despite the situation. She can’t contact Aoyanagi, and there’s a clear increase in stress within the building. Yet she sits on the sideline, awaiting further order.

Impressions Psycho Pass S2 Episode 4

I really hope that this will be a wake up call for her. She’s always looked down on how Akane handles these situations, but now she can see why Akane does what she does. This is the result of what happens when people give up their ability to think for themselves. You basically become a robot who has no say in any matter, and just blindly follow orders, even if it’s against your morals.

Summary Psycho Pass 2 Episode 4

Kamui’s havoc that he created might be enough to overthrow the Sibyl system. If word about this incident got out, it could cause massive riots. If inspectors, the people who enforce the law, are able to be considered latent criminals by the system, then who are they to judge society? That combined with the fact that these inspectors and enforcers willingly massacred dozens of civilians without second thought probably wont sit well with the public.

Kamui Scar Psycho Pass

At the end, we can see that Kamui has a scar on his face. This only produces more mystery surrounding his character. I’m wondering now if that’s just a scar from wearing the man’s face during the hostage situation, or if Kamui is really his real face. While this season has me a bit saddened by the lack of Kougami, the mystery of Kamui keeps me anticipating the next episode!

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