Psycho Pass 2 Episode 6 Review Kamui Dominator

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 6 – Review

Clearly the color is red as Kamui’s plan continues. There certainly have been a lot more casualties within the MWPSB since Kamui came to town.

Psycho Pass S2 Ep 6 Review

This episode was the first time that they have mentioned the dominators requiring ammo. I don’t know if this is specific to enforcers (limit how much power they have), or for specific modes, but it seems weird how this is being brought up all of a sudden. Many inspectors seem to shoot their dominators without much thought (see Aoyanagi), but if they have limited shots, then why would they put themselves at risk by blindly shooting?

Summary Psycho Pass 2 Episode 6

Kamui’s stunts have shown us the weaknesses of the Sibyl system. The dominators can be used by anyone, as long as they can trick the system into believing an authorized officer is wielding it. He’s been collecting dominators now, but as it currently stands, it is a two man operation. Perhaps he’ll be recruiting his own enforcers and take on MWPSB inspectors head on.

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 6 Synopsis

Additionally, Sibyl can only prosecute those who have the intent of a criminal. This is somewhat similar to our own legal system since not only does the unlawful act have to be proven, but the mental intent has to be present as well. There is no judicial system in this world though, so Sibyl can only judge people on a black or white scale. Criminals seem to be treated equally (in the sense that they have no rights) no matter what their offense was. Since Sibyl can’t judge these civilians due to the lack of intent, they’re all clear despite murdering dozens of people.

Psycho Pass S2 Episode 6 Impressions

When situations such as this one arise, inspectors can’t just follow a guide. Because of Sibyl, the majority of people lost their free will and ability to act on their own. We have Shimotsuki who continues to disagree with how things are being handled by Akane’s squad. I find it baffling that she’s still so adamant on following the rules, when dozens of her fellow inspectors have fallen because of their absolute trust in their dominators.

Kougami Psycho Pass 2

Tougane’s mystery continues to thicken as well. His thought process and mannerisms are eerily similar to Kougami’s. We still don’t know why he’s been studying Akane so heavily, but it seems like he has some malicious intent. He’s willing to do the dirty work, even if it means is hue will continue to cloud. Akane sees the resemblance between him and Kougami, and begins to feel remorse for not being able to stop him in the past. She doesn’t want another enforcer to go down a similar path, since by committing murder, you’re treated to a life of exile, or disposal.

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 6 Akane Hesitating

She also hesitated from shooting Kamui, despite her unusual hue (and possibly being criminally asymptomatic). This felt like a parallel to the first season (at the half way point as well!) where she was unable to pull the trigger on Makishima. She has all of the tools and power to end everything right here, yet she’s unable to pull the trigger. Her hesitation had massive repercussions in the past (riots started by Makishima, Kougami’s departure) and will likely cause more unrest as Kamui continues with his plans.

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4 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 6 – Review

  1. We see Kamui has a scar across his face; such type of scar is generally indicative of cosmetic surgery. You should consider the possibility that Kamui is someone from season 1. Perhaps even Kougami [Personally I don’t think he is intelligent enough], and Akane realizes who it is and doesn’t allow Tougane to shoot him.

    1. Yeah, part of me wanted to say Kougami, but I can’t see him committing such acts after killing Makishima for doing something similar. From the OP though, it seems like there may have been a confrontation with Kougami inbetween the two seasons, and it’s killing me just waiting to find out what his outcome was.

      I want to say that the scar/possible cosmetic surgery will link him to a previous character from the first season. It would certainly be a bit underwhelming if Kamui was just another random guy who hates Sibyl.

    1. Yeah, I think they’ve been hinting at her being criminally asymptomatic since early S1. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Sibyl wants to add her to their collection.

      I loved how their confrontation was similar to the Makishima one back in season one. She had all the power in her hands to stop everything, but once again, she can’t bring herself to pull that trigger!

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