Psycho Pass 2 Epsode 8 Review Akane Thinking

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 8 – Review

Oh boy, what a load of information getting thrown in our face! Not only is Kamui’s secret revealed, but we also discover what Sibyl has been plotting all along, and Tougane’s involvement in everything.

Psycho Pass S2 Episode 8 Synopsis

It turns out Kamui is a victim of the Sibyl System. Being the sole survivor of a plane crash, the Tougane foundation decided to carry out their experiments. Similar to Makishima, the Sibyl System denied him the ability to exist. With his identity slowly fading away, he was nothing in this society where you’re preemptively judged and your future is decided for you. Sibyl has gained the absolute trust of society, and very few dare to challenge it.

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 8 Reaction Kamui

By being a ghost, Kamui was able to begin his journey of saving people. He was able to obtain the drug to clear psycho passes, as well as act as a sort of therapist to clear peoples’ minds. He was also able to infiltrate various areas of the government thanks to his non-existence. While I can sympathize with Kamui a bit, in the end he still committed several murders, and can’t exactly be seen as a good guy. I’m also curious as to why Sibyl didn’t just dispose of him after the experiment.

Psycho Pass S2 Ep 8 Summary Mika Investigating

I was actually surprised at how much Shimotsuki learned on her own. Although, had she just attended the meetings, instead of snooping around, she would have been debriefed on everything. She even managed to access classified information regarding Tougane! But then, of course, she had to go and pull a Mika. She couldn’t just consult her peers regarding this information. Nope, instead she has to go and tattle to Kasei, hoping to throw Akane under the bus yet again!

Shimotsuki vs Tougane

With Mika getting close to the truth, Kasei and Tougane have no choice but to reveal everything. This is where I’d say the two seasons connect. After taking an interest in Akane, they placed her under heavy surveillance, to see if she was criminally asymptomatic. It makes sense that’s the case. It’d be rather dangerous for them to have someone who knows all about their secrets walking around freely.

Psycho Pass Season 2 Ep 8 Impressions Tougane's Story

Tougane was created for this sole purpose. Given his history, I think it’s safe to assume that he’s responsible testing people of interest for Sibyl. When an inspector comes around, who possesses an unusually clear psycho pass (like Akane), it’s his job to push them to their limit, and see if they are indeed criminally asymptomatic. I find it a bit odd that he was never present earlier on, given his history and how many inspectors he’s worked with in the past. But I guess being mama’s boy does have it’s perks!

Mika Shimotsuki Crying

Mika, upon learning everything, begins to break down and plead for her own safety. Her reaction is a complete contrast to Akane, who learned the secret and still leveraged with Sibyl. Seeing her reaction, Tougane feels that they can use her as a test subject. She acts just like any outstanding citizen would, they have absolute faith in Sibyl and will do anything they want. By revealing everything to her, they can see how the public may react to this, and evaluate when it’s the best time to reveal it all. Maybe now she’ll get off of Akane’s case!

Psycho Pass Akane Cute Face

With Sibyl’s and Kamui’s motives being revealed, I wonder how Akane will react. She previously agreed to side with Sibyl, but when they’re after her head, I wonder if she can keep her composure. Kamui’s ideal isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’s just his method to achieve it is questionable. Regardless, only three episodes remaining to resolve this story, and then we can finally see Kougami again! (Psycho Pass movie trailer)

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    1. Unfortunately, all of noitaminA’s series only air for 11 or 22 episodes. With the movie coming out soon, it seems like they’re doing the second season to bridge the gap a bit, and keep Psycho-Pass fresh in our minds before the movie airs in January. I guess there’s also a lot less room for them to expand the story, considering how S1 wrapped up pretty nicely.

    1. The movie airs January 9th 2015 (towards mid to end of 2015 for bluray release for non Japan citizens :()

      I thought Kougami would tie everything together at the end, but with the recent reveal of Kamui and Tougane, I think that’ll steal the main focus (unless Kougami saves his dear Akane from the shadows!).

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