Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9 Review Kunizuka Yayoi

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9 – Review

This probably had to be one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far. After ending off on such a risque note last week, Sibyl and Kamui do not waste any time and move forward with their plans.

Psycho Pass S2 Ep 9 Impressions Mika Clapping

Mika’s reaction to everything was hysterical. She completely loses it, and begins worshipping the system. Even if she was a strong, law abiding citizen, I don’t think she actually believes in this system. I’d say it’s more likely a defense mechanism kicking in (for her few fans’ sakes, I hope so!). She knows that she’s in a bad position, and her only hope of surviving is to play along with it. She’s clearly afraid of Togane, and doesn’t want to go along with Sibyl’s plans, but has no other choice.

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9 Reaction Togane Killing Puppies

We got to see a bit of a young Togane, and to be frank, I was a bit disgusted. Maybe it’s because I’m a dog lover, but I found it hard to watch as he slaughtered those innocent puppies. I guess it does fill out his character a bit, but I think they went a bit overboard there. Maybe they could have just killed one dog and be done with it. But nope, he’s gotta kill two of them for added shock value. The key takeaway from this, is the fact that his hue remained clear while killing the dogs, yet in present day, his psycho-pass became the highest ever recorded.

Analysis Psycho Pass 2 Ep 9 Akane

Analyzing the Sibyl system, Akane and Kamui can see the glaring weakness. The entire system is a paradox. We have supposedly, fair and just society, yet the one judging everything is immune from the rules. Sibyl’s solution has always been to incorporate those they cannot judge so that there are no civilians who are above the law. If Sibyl can be judged,then they’re technically not criminally asymptomatic, and therefore are no different from average humans. The goal of Kamui’s revolution is to expose society to the hypocrisy that is the Sibyl system.

Sakuya Togane True Colors

Sibyl’s goal continues to send me mixed signals. While they want a perfect society with no crimes, they’re the ones who are causing issues. Technically all actions are carried through Togane, so I guess Sibyl isn’t contradicting itself (even if the intent is there). They’re planning on using Kamui as a scapegoat to further their investigation on Akane’s psycho-pass.

Kamui Kirito Judgement

Kamui isn’t only after Sibyl, but he’s getting retribution for all of his fallen comrades during the season of hell. He’s been targeting high ranking officials while recruiting those who suffered from the disaster to rise against Sibyl. Kamui is like a messiah at this point to his legion of followers. He smites the non-believers, in a gruesome manner might I add, while saving the common folk who are caught up in the mess.

Summary Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9 Akane Snapping

At the end of the episode, poor Akane begins to snap. Her poor grandma was targeted. Just seeing their relationship, she was someone Akane could always turn to for comfort. Perhaps this will be enough to tip her over the edge, kind of like what happened with Kougami, and target Kamui personally.

Synopsis Psycho Pass S2 Ep 9 Sakuya Togane making things burn

I think the attack on grandma Tsunemori opens up even more questions. Seeing how Kamui’s associate had the ear, does that mean Togane is working alongside Kamui? Is he secretly a believer of the Kamui religion, or is this simply his way of using Kamui to color Akane’s hue. Also, did that mean Mika actually went through with Togane’s request, and is now an accomplice in all of this.

Psycho Pass Season 2 Episode 9 Recap Sakuya's real identity

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode since it really reminded me of how the first season was. My only complaint is that I’m personally finding it a bit hard to keep track of everything. With so many seemingly minor characters/names being thrown around, but all contributing to the overall plot in someway is hard to keep track of.

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