Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 22 Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Anime Review

Well, we’re finally here, the end of the road for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. It was an interesting journey. There was a lot of heartache, a lot of dramatic moments, but the journey was still beautiful.

To start, like my other end of series reviews, I’ll start with my thoughts on the finale before diving into my thoughts on the series as a whole.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 22 Review

The episode continues with Kousei’s final performance. Even though he’s going through a lot, worrying about Kaori, he has to acknowledge everyone that has helped him along the way. He can’t let them down. Everyone has come to watch him play and he has to deliver. When he broke down, he was lost and felt alone, but seeing everyone supporting him tells him otherwise.

Your Lie in April Ep 22 Review

Meanwhile, Kaori is going through her operation, where she lies between life and death. While Kousei gives it his all, he zones out into his own little world where only he and Kaori exist. She’ll always exist within him, even if she’s not physically by his side. Here, Kousei can finally have that duet that they had promised each other.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep 22 Reaction

As the song draws to a close, so does Kaori’s time. All of Kousei’s emotions can be felt through his music. The mood is peaceful and serene earlier on in the piece, but towards the end it becomes chaotic with his desperate pleas for her to stay. In the end, all he can do is use this performance as closure with Kaori. He was finally able to “play” with her again and thus say goodbye to her.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Finale Reaction

Unfortunately, Kaori doesn’t survive her surgery, and leaves Kousei with a final note. As the seasons change, he finally reads her final message to him. I won’t repeat what was said, but I’ll just say it was a beautiful and innocent note. She saw him perform the first time, and like Emi, she was completely captivated. His music managed to touch and inspire her, completely changing her life.

Your Lie in April Episode 22 Finale

When she finally had the chance to meet him, things were different. She had no idea how to approach him as he was surrounded by his close friends. She was too nervous to confront this boy who changed her life. All she could do was sit back and watch as an outsider. When she found out her illness was more severe, she made the decision to live the rest of her life without regret.

To cross paths with Kousei, she told a lie back in April. To get closer to him without causing friction within their group, she needed an excuse to meet him. She knew she wouldn’t be around for too long, and didn’t want to cause problems for them once she was gone. She kept her distance from Kousei but was still able to spend time and help heal the one who changed her life.

When she was finally able to meet Kousei, it was surreal for her and she even cried. But as she got to know him, he didn’t match the image she had in her head at all. It took a lot of time and encouragement, but she finally brought out the real Kousei that disappeared during that performance.

Kimi Uso Episode 22 Summary

She also finally confesses her feelings for him. She knew it’d only cause him to mourn even more had she been open about it during their time together, but she had to let him know eventually. She treated him harshly because she loved him and is sorry that she couldn’t have spent more time with him.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Anime Review

As the series draws to a close, Tsubaki finally confronts Kousei after Kaori’s death. Even if she’s no longer with them, Kousei doesn’t have to be afraid of being alone ever again. He has people by his side who are always going to support and be with him.

Finale Your Lie in April Synopsis

Almost a whole year has passed since the start of the season. It started off with Kousei’s life being frozen in place, as if nothing was moving forward and he was stuck living in the past. Now, as we embark on a new spring, it’s almost as if the time he spent with Kaori was just a dream. The world looks exactly like it did one year ago, but with the exception that she’s no longer here. He can’t look back though and has to continue moving forward into the future.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Anime Review

I’m really unsure of where to begin with this, so I’ll just run through my general thoughts about the series. This was one crazy ride, filled with a ton of emotional moments, and quite a bit of melodrama at times.

I guess I’ll touch on some of the common criticisms I’ve seen from the series. At times, the drama can feel really forced and over the top. For middle schoolers, they also speak in a pretentious manner. At the same time though, they’re also musicians, and they’re emotional people who express themselves in such a way. Anime is a form of art, so I can’t really fault them for their poetic dialogue.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Finale Thoughts

The ending was foreshadowed and heavily implicated since early on in the series. I don’t think Kaori’s passing really came as much of a shock to me as I thought it would. From her personality, and all of the things she spoke of, it should come as no surprise that she had little time left. I guess it may have felt a bit anticlimactic for her to just pass on during an operation. She was weak, but there weren’t any huge warning signs that the operation could kill her. She kind of just passes on suddenly and we don’t really see much of the aftermath (the mourning). Even with that though, something about reading her letter just got to me and made the ending beautiful.

I don’t think her surviving could have delivered a satisfying ending. The entire series, Kaori pushes Kousei forward so that he can get back on his feet. If she were to survive, Kousei could continue relying on her to bring color into his life.ย While he experiences tragedy for a second time, Kaori’s death is a completely different experience. It was almost as if she were an angel, just passing by and helping Kousei before vanishing off into the sky. She had fulfilled her purpose since Kousei was able to continue moving forward, thus overcoming his past self.

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For the entire series, we had been seeing things from Kousei’s perspective. Kaori was this wild and bold girl who wasn’t afraid of anything. When reading her letter though, we get the exact opposite. She was an incredibly shy and fragile girl who tried her best to change just so she could leave an impact. Just seeing Kaori’s perspective on her life really hit me hard, probably harder than her death itself. She left Kousei with an incredible gift by helping him overcome his past and move on with his life, even if she can’t be part of it.


Just looking at the romance aspect of the show is pretty painful for me. It was evident since the start that Kaori and Kousei had both loved each other. Kousei kept his distance because he was insecure and didn’t want to cause complications for his best friend. Kaori kept her distance because she knew it’d be even more painful for Kousei if they got any closer since she wouldn’t always be with him. In that sense, it’s a tragic but beautiful romance that was never meant to be.


Kaori Final Performance

In terms of character development, I’d say Kimi Uso did an amazing job at exploring each character. Kousei overcame his fears, Takeshi stopped holding onto the past, Nagi managed to reach her brother and find a passion in music. Tsubaki finally acknowledges her feelings, Kaori got to live her life to the fullest, and Emi has become a more mature woman. The only character who didn’t change that much over the course of the series would probably be Watari. Even then, we did get to see some glimpses of weakness from him (losing his soccer match), but overall he was an awesome friend who supported others from the start.

Final Notes

Kaori Goodbye

Overall, Kimi Uso was an amazing adaptation, and completely faithful to the manga. The series was paced at exactly 2 chapters per episode (22 episodes to 44 chapters). In fact, I think the anime even surpasses the original source material. When you have a story about music, you really need the sound to bring everything to life. While the manga certainly was enjoyable, the colors and music completely elevated the series for me.

In the end, I think Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso may have become my favorite anime series of 2014 (surpassing Barakamon on my previous list). There might have been some weaker points towards the middle of the series, but the ending is what really caught my attention. For the most part, I remember an anime the most based on the ending of the series. Nagi’s arc was my favorite in terms of character development, and Kousei’s final performance to Kaori was the perfect way to end the series.

While I’m a huge fan of epilogues, this story was about the lie in April, and how Kaori passed by Kousei’s life. I feel like this open ending suits the series and lets us look towards a new beginning for Kousei.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

I had fun doing weekly write ups for this series. Even if I’m not the most artistic or poetic person, I enjoyed all of the symbolism and trying to analyze the dialogue of the characters. Thanks to those of you who read my weekly write ups, I appreciate it a lot!



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10 thoughts on “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Anime Review

  1. Nice review, i have read a lot of hating and criticism on the internet, while this one really does justice to the anime in my opinion. My only issue with this series was the romance part. By the end of the series I felt that it was needed a moment of redemption and intimacy (maybe a kiss?) between the main couple, which never came to be. Always very close to it, but never quite there, which was very frustrating for me. I understand that it was the purpose of the story itself to represent this sort of impossible love, but i don’t know, it just felt too cruel.

    1. Thanks for reading, and the nice comment!

      I agree, I would have liked to see more on the romance part as it was clear that they both cared deeply for each other. Every time Kousei feels insecure because of Watari and Kaori’s “relationship”, I could feel a bit of pain as well. I guess if they did actually advance their relationship beyond what they had though, the ending would have been even more painful for us all, and especially for Kousei.

      To me, Kaori’s presence felt like an angel in this series. She appeared suddenly, and helped Kousei get his life back on track and then faded away shortly after. I think if their relationship developed into anything more than what they had, then her death would have taken a much larger toll on him ๐Ÿ™ .

      1. Thanks for the replay. Now that I read your response and think about it, yeah it makes a lot of sense indeed, to view it more as a redemption-by-angelic-girl history than a purely romantic one. Anyway the pain (like the scenes with Watari as you said) remains lol, Maybe I could have handled all the misunderstandings and silences if it was not aggravated by the fact that in the end, their last goodbye left me kinda confused and unfulfilled.

        Their last meeting was in a way all about Arima and why he should not give up, and not so much about their relationship itself or Kaori. The scene ended with her crying “I don’t want to be alone, I’m afraid”, and Arima just leaves after that, I don’t know, it made me unhappy lol.

        And also, in the concert, which one was it? Does Arima reaches Kaori with his interpretation, Kaori’s soul travels to his mind in order to have a last jam together, or it was all Arimas imagination and that “I’m inside of you, you are inside of me'” thing? The openness to interpretation (at least for me) of that scene kinda left me with even more pain and unreleased tension, specially when we fast forward immediately to the letter scene, which left me thinking: “Wait, that was it? She is dead now?”.

        In few words, my concern with the anime was that, even coming to terms with the fact that their relationship remained platonic and secretive (and in some way unresolved), there was too much focus in the last 3 chapters in how this whole thing affected Arima and his hero or redemption journey, and the inner life or feelings or anything about Kaori went into second plane, which wasn’t so evident before as she had more agency and camera time in the plot (specially in the first half).

      2. I like this anime but to be honest I don’t like how tsubaki is being left out, and also how Kaori came out of nowhere and starts being friendly with him even when she knew that tsubaki loves kousie.

  2. I really enjoy your review, I finally find one which I can relate to. In general, the series receive good stats from all over the internet, but they always criticize “the monologues” and the “poor character development”; i couldn’t differ more.

    As you state here, even when the characters speak in a poetic and advanced way for a kid, they are supposed to be artists (actually only the musicians speaks like this, Watari and Tsubaki for example use a very simple language); also, I feel that the monologue it’s the perfect way to actually immerse yourself in the character, personally I didn’t find them boring at all.

    The character development was just awesome. Probably Watari had a lack of a backstory and improvement, but honestly, can you find a moment in your life, specially in your teen years, when everyone in your circle mature at the same time? Maybe it’s a small detail, but I believe it gives the series a little more of realism. The main character was Kosei and as he grows up the people more influenced by him (and emotionally attached to him) evolves too.

    Certainly this was one of my favorite anime’s, the music and scenery was just amazingly beautiful and as a whole i consider it a work of art.

    Again, this wan an excellent review. I’m not an artistic person too, but I think that in order to make a good critique one needs to locate itself in the gender or the style of the anime (book, movie, play; whatever) to analyze has, or you aren’t going to be able to catch the message (if you judge Kill la Kill with logic eyes or Stiens;Gate with a thirst for violence you are gonna have a bad time D:) ; I feel you accomplished this just great.

    First time in this lovely blog, have an excellent day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you felt a similar way about the anime as I did.

      I know a lot of people gave it some flak for the drama, but to be honest, the build up and the ending were so incredibly well executed it just left me speechless, and a lasting impact on me. For me, the final scene, where we have the first opening being played in the background as Kousei reads the letter was just perfect. I actually read the manga ahead of time, and as I was visualizing it in my head, the anime played out exactly as I thought it would, and brought everything to life. Definitely amongst the top anime moments I’ve ever watched! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am the kind of person who sometimes likes to search for reviews after completing a good movie, music or anime. Whatever smiles, laughter or tears that I have shed during the entire show, they are genuine. Not many anime can have this good of an ending too! I don’t get influenced by negative reviews (there are some – on this Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso) nor I ridicule them for their wants/standards.

    I really like this anime. I was expecting a K-On- ish anime but WHOA… this totally blew me away. I just enjoy it a lot despite afterwards I read about this being a shoujo anime! Who cares!

    An anime is meant to be enjoyed. I come home from long hours of work to find some form of good entertainment. An enriching anime like this for sure leaves an impact in me (I play guitar but I can relate.) Logical, melodramatic or not, as long as it can deliver what the author intended, I say this anime is a great piece of ART.

  4. I loved your review! I watched the series a little late, but loved it a lot! Your point of view is exactly how I see Kaori’s part in the story, as an angel that brings Kousei the will of moving forward again. The art, the story and the characters are great , it’s certainly on my top 5 of animes list.
    Personally, I have a lot of interest in stories where the interaction between different characters makes both of them growing. I think the author did really well with Tsubaki too, because it was relatively easy for her to be like a hated character that would be in the way of the Kousei and Kaori pairing, and at least to me it didn’t happen at all. I think it’s also interesting the contrast between Tsubaki and Kaori too. Their main difference is that Tsubaki can stay by Kousei’s side forever and know everything about him, things that Kaori can’t. On the other hand, Kaori lived in the same musical world as Kousei, thus had the chance to put him back on stage and help him emotionally and technically to overcome his difficulties with the sound and with his mother, something that Tsubaki couldn’t do, or rather, didn’t know how to do. I think this is also interesting, how the two girls envy each other, but actually they’re filling each other’s gaps towards their relatioships to Kousei.
    I only disagree with you at one point, when you say there are no signs that Kaori would die from the surgery. At the very beginning of the chapter 19 the doctor explains in few words how risky it would be, still Kaori decides to face it and fight to have a little more time. I think this warning was enough because as you stated, her death wasn’t a shock since it was subentended in the whole series, and I think if there had been even more dialogues or hints about the surgery, it would be too predictable even how she would die.
    It’s sad she fought so hard and couldn’t do it, but at least she was trying her best to keep alive. Still I wouldn’t change the ending too. The letter, her actions and the way she lived, the lie in april, everything wouldn’t be so significant if there had been a miracle to save her from her “99% certain” death. Even Kousei’s future would still be depending on her. I read someone’s opinion about it “a good ending doesn’t necessarily means a happy ending.”
    It’s sad, but I think the ending had a lot of power, it felt as if Kaori would still live even if inside Kousei, at the spring, or within the people she reached with her music, and I think this feeling I at least had made the whole story way more special.

  5. Same as the above guy, I came across this late and I really appreciated your review. The unfulfilled romance was really the crux that gives the show more emotional impact, yet I think it reflects on Kaori’s character very well. It seemed to me that she didn’t want to get in the way of Tsubaki, since she knew she didn’t have long to be with him and hurt him more by getting too close, yet still wanted to help him and in the end, when it all got too much to take on, for him to support her.

  6. Although it’s 2018 and a little bit late but I think I could share my thoughts on this one .
    Well i think this series turned out to be my favorite anime series ( among dragon ball Detective conan, Digimon , naruto,Yu-Gi-Oh! , Inazuma eleven ,one piece And blue dragon ).
    I personally cried on two parts : first was the performance he had for his mother and second was his performance for kaori.
    I think kaori didn’t want to show Kousei that she loved him and I think that’s why they never kissed (kaori though that would cause much pain for Kousei and Kousei was scared and insecure)
    At first , I thought the anime was just like other animes.sparkly, colorful and with a happy ending but I was wrong . I actually was impressed with how they added the titles in the anime whenever the episode ended and especially the last episodes when Kousei said (saionara ~) at the end really moved me.
    I would give a 10/10 to the anime because I don’t see these kinds of anime everyday and with this level of quality

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