Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 14 Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 14 Review

If there’s one thing Shigatsu does well, it’s gotta be those subtle death flags.

Kaori’s in the hospital once again, this time with some minor head injuries. It’s pretty alarming since this is her second case within such a short period of time. While Kaori is in high spirits, it definitely feels as if she’s just putting on an act in front of her friends. Given how she’s been dropping all of these quotes relating to time, she knows what her situation is.

Your Lie In April Episode 14 Review Kaori Hospitalized

It’s hard for Kousei seeing her like this. He’s beginning to have flashbacks to his mother’s death. Both of them loved music, and continued to pretend as if nothing was wrong despite their death approaching. Both of them also pushed him to perform better, so that he can succeed and continue on without them. This time, Kousei’s old enough to know that something’s up with her illness. Regardless, I don’t think he’d be able to handle another loss like that one. It sucks, but once again, he’s powerless, and no matter what he does, he can’t change their fate. He played his heart out, hoping his mother would be happy and she’d get better, and he’s doing the same for Kaori in a sense.

Kimi Uso Ep 14 Summary Tsubaki Yukata

Tsubaki is still in denial about her feelings for Kousei. Her friend is tired of seeing her play it off because she knows that it’ll only hurt Tsubaki in the end. The truth is, this whole “kid brother” thing is just an excuse for her to always be with Kousei. She could always be by his side since it was herĀ duty to look after him. But when Kaori came into the picture, the idea that she wouldn’t always be by his side started to creep up on her. It’s finally starting to dawn on her, that Kousei is someone she wants to be with forever, and she’s starting to see him as a man.

Young Tsubaki Kimi Uso Ep 14 Synopsis

She always had a thing for Kousei, even when they were growing up. Although, as a kid, you don’t really understand the feeling of being in love. She was always drawn to him, but the whole world of music was a foreign thing to her. She grew up into sports and has no understanding of Kousei’s other life. This boy she played with while she was younger was venturing off into this new world, and she can’t keep up with him. When you care about someone, all you want is to see them happy, but now that Kousei’s found himself, she can’t but help feeling lonely.

Tsubaki Crying

She was able to breathe a sigh of relief when Kousei came running after her in the night. It reminded her that she’s still important to him, and that their relationship hasn’t changed. All is going well until Kousei reveals that he’ll be leaving soon. She awakens from her little dream land, and everything finally hits her.

Kousei Under the Moonlight

I think this may have been my favorite episode of Kimi Uso so far. Even without the magnificent piano playing, just Tsubaki and Kousei’s monologues, the sound track, and the overall direction of the episode were well done. I loved how they panned the shots with Kousei seeing Kaori in the hospital and with Tsubaki following Kousei’s footsteps.

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