Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 16 Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 16 Review

Why do they have to start off the episode with such a depressing mood?

I guess we now know how Kaori ended up in the hospital. Leading up to her recital, she suddenly collapsed, losing control of her legs again, causing her to hit her head.

There was a lot of back and forth this episode, so I guess I’ll just break up my thoughts about the characters, instead of going in chronological order.

Kimi Uso Episode 16 Review

The mood quickly changes to a lighter tone as Kousei begins teaching Nagi to play piano. She seems like a very modest girl, but her other side is more mischievous and bratty. Like the old Kousei, she’s only concerned about following the music score. If it isn’t perfect, then it’s a failure. She mutters that Kousei has fallen to Earth, and is no longer on a pedestal, which hints towards her true motives for wanting to learn piano.

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She idolized her Aiza just like how he idolized Kousei. When Kousei made his reappearance, he played a sloppy performance and realized that his hero was a human, just like him. Ever since he saw Kousei play years ago, he became obsessed with chasing after him. Nagi felt neglected that her brother stopped showing her attention, and became focused on chasing after perfect piano playing.

Kousei and Kaori Date

At the start of the series, Kousei gave up the piano. What he didn’t realize was how much of an effect he’s had on people’s lives. While he was inspired by Kaori’s determination to leave an impact, he’s already done it. Even if they were drawn to his different playing styles, Kousei’s music did inspire others, even if he didn’t realize it.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep 16 Summary

Kaori is seemingly better. Despite collapsing last episode, and being hospitalized, she seems to be okay once again. She continues to maintain her upbeat personality and forces Kousei to keep her company. While she goes on a shopping spree and seems back to normal, she’s still fragile after her hospitalization.

Kimi Uso Ep 17 Synopsis

She was actually only allowed out for this one day, and decided to live it up as much as she could. While she claims she was looking for Watari, it’s obvious that she wanted to spend time with Kousei. She was able to make some precious memories, and enjoy herself. Life hasn’t been easy for her recently, but she was able to live a normal life, even if only for a day, which brings her to tears.

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She breaks down when Kousei visits her again. The idea that he might be slacking and not taking piano seriously struck a nerve with her. It may be because she’s worried that Kousei will fall back into his old state, and fear the piano once again. From his thoughts, we know that Kousei is only playing at the moment for Kaori. He doesn’t care how his music sounds, as long as it reaches her. Knowing that her time is running out, she wants Kousei to continue to play.

Kaori Lover's Suicide

Kaori has always been quoting random pieces of literature in the past, but they all carried significant meaning. Her quoting the idea of “lover’s suicide” with Kousei shows how important he is to her. Even if she meant it as a joke because of the gloomy atmosphere, she knows that her time is up, and would probably love to spend more time with Kousei.

Kaori and Kousei Under the Stars

Overall, I thought the episode was laid back. Even with some sparks of drama, the characters just seemed to go about their daily lives and adventures. We got a lot of character development for Nagi, and set up for future events of the series. My only issue with this episode (and the series in general) would have to be how quickly they swing the mood. It’s just too painful how they toy with my emotions, by getting me to feel sad one second, and then have something silly happen the next.

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