Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 17 Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 17 Review

They finally address it clearly! No more tip toeing around Kaori’s health, she knows her it is declining rapidly.

Your Lie in April Episode 17 Review

After dropping the bomb, Kousei finds himself lost on how to react. Seeing her bright and cheery attitude, he could kind of brush his worries under the rug. Seeing her in a completely honest state, telling him that it’s not looking good for her just caught him off guard, and made it impossible to runaway from the issue. He finally got closure on his mother’s death, and now he’s about to lose another important person.

The stress is getting to him as it begins interfering with his everyday life and his music. He only got back into piano because of Kaori’s push. If she suddenly disappears, the shock could cause Kousei to relapse and go back to how he was.

Kimi Uso Ep 17 Summary Nagi Aiza

This time, Kousei has made an impact on those around him, and they refuse to let him walk down the same path. Even Nagi, who claims to hate Kousei, can’t help but reach out to him.

Watari really is a bro, always looking out for Kousei. He knows that Kousei loves Kaori, and tries to set things up so they can be together. Kousei has a breakdown though, not knowing how he can face another tragedy. Watari sets him straight by looking at things from her perspective. Whenever she’s feeling down, or in pain, the person she always turns to is Kousei. Her future looks grim, which is why it’s important Kousei to be there for her now.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep 17 Summary

Kaori shows a more fragile side of her when they meet again. She’s always loud and explosive, but deep down she really does care about others. Seeing how she’s being a burden on Kousei, she asks to be forgotten, which completely contradicts her philosophy. Kousei realizing how painful it was for her, snaps out of it and decides that he should be there for her, in her time of need.

Your Lie in April 17 Synopsis

Nagi agrees to let Kousei play alongside Kousei during her festival. She originally only played piano to reach her brother, but now all of her peers and teachers are putting pressure on her. They expect big things from her, and many are ready to criticize her the moment she messes up. She’s never had so much attention on her, and like Kousei, begins to crack from the pressure.

Kimi Uso Ep 17 Kousei Nagi Performance

Musicians spend months practicing, leading up to one moment. You can practice all you want, but all that matters is that one moment in the spotlight. Anything can happen at that moment, and making a mistake on the big stage is terrifying. In the end, everyone has nerves, it’s just a matter of remembering why you’re playing. Whether it’s to leave an impact, to reach out to someone, as long as you accomplish that goal, it doesn’t matter what others think.

Nagi Crying

Nagi has really grown on me as a character. The way she was first introduced, I figured she’d just be an annoying brat. She seems like a mature girl for her age. Sure she has some mischievous moments, but she always has good intentions.

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