Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 19 Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 19 Review

Despite ending on an inspiring moment last week, this episode begins with a more depressing mood.

Your Lie in April Ep 19 Reaction Kaori's Surgery

Kaori is prepared to go through with an operation that will help extend her life, and give her the opportunity to play violin once again. It seems like it’s a risky operation, and even then, the risk outweighs the benefits. She doesn’t have much time left, but because of Kousei’s speech last episode, she wants to try and soar one more time. Rather than laying around all depressed, she’d rather die while being able to do what she loved. While she was the one who saved Kousei from his despair, he’s now returning the favor for her.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep 19 Synopsis

Tsubaki finally has some sense talked into her from Kashiwagi. She was being selfish. She never tried to understand Kousei’s music, and only saw it as a nuisance since it separated the two. Music is a huge deal for Kousei, and if she truly cared about him, then she’d be happy that he’s happy. He was always there to cheer her on for her important events, and it’s only fair that she do the same for him.

Even if music is a huge part of Kousei’s life, it’s not the only way for Tsubaki to connect with him. She felt that music was taking him away from her, but in reality, there will still be moments like this one. They don’t have to have the same hobbies or interests. They can still have their special moments, like this hair cutting scene.

Kimi Uso Episode 19 Summary

It’s amazing to see how far Kousei has come. He didn’t even recognize Emi and Takeshi back in the beginning of the series. He was in his own little world, but now he no longer seems afraid to reach out to others. Music is what brought these three together. They’re able to convey their passion in ways that words cannot. They never really spoke much to each other, but they were able to bond over something as simple as food.

Takeshi finally gets some closure on his idol of Arima Kousei. He idolized Kousei when he was younger for his perfect play style. He thought it was amazing that he could play the score perfectly and show no emotions despite always winning. For two years, he kept striving to reach that ideal of his. After finally meeting him again, the ideal image he had of Kousei was shattered. His style of playing had changed, and he wasn’t that much different from himself.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep 19 Reviews

After seeing Emi and Kousei play their hearts out, Takeshi is motivated even further to catch up to them. He had used Kousei’s perfection as fuel for playing piano, but times have changed. He no longer sees Kousei as “untouchable” and views him as a rival now.

There were a lot of heart warming moments this episode, but my favorite would have to be Takeshi finally letting go. He was trapped in his own little world, trying to chase after his hero. He’s finally able to move past that and begin playing for himself and continue improving as a pianist.

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