Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 21 Review

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 21 Review

Kousei has grown a lot since the beginning of the series, but how will he handle tragic news a second time?

Judging from Tsubaki and Watari’s reaction to the news, it doesn’t seem like they knew how critical Kaori’s condition was. She always kept a cheerful attitude around them which masked the severity of her illness from them. Only Kousei ever really saw the frail Kaori who was withering away.

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The series has come in a full circle. It began with Kousei overcoming a tragedy as a musician, and it ends once again with more heartache. After losing his mother, he associated piano with those tragic memories and it pained him to play. Since then, he has come a long way thanks to all of the incredible people in his life, but once again, tragedy threatens to strike again, and he reverts to his old self.

As a child he played to earn his mother’s affection. As he grew, he started playing again to convey his feelings to Kaori. His sole reasons for playing piano continue to disappear from him, draining him completely. Why bother trying when only bad things have come from playing the piano?

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep 21 Reaction

Thankfully, Kaori’s condition stabilizes before Kousei’s performance. He doesn’t know how to confront her after seeing her in that condition. Entering the room, Kaori is the same as she always is. Acting as if nothing had happened, and is back to her upbeat personality.

Everything seems like it’s back to normal, but as he carries her to the rooftop he can’t help but notice that these days won’t last much longer. She acts as if nothing has happened, but her pale skin and weight loss are too noticeable.

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Seeing Kaori was what Kousei really needed at this moment. She was the one who got him back into piano, the one who gave his life color again. She makes a promise with him to help him get back on track. Kousei felt like he had no reason to play, but Kaori has decided to keep on fighting because of him. If it weren’t for him wanting to play together again, she would have been ready to give up on the violin, and getting better.

For the first time, Kaori really shows her fears. She had accepted her condition and lived without regrets. After meeting Kousei, everything changed for her. She’s frustrated that she can’t spend more time with him, and how she can’t become closer to him.

Kimi Uso Episode 21 Synopsis

Meeting her was all Kousei needed to play the piano again. The surgery is on the same day as his performance. He’s still unable to concentrate because of the situation, but he made a promise. He has to play no matter what. Even if the person he’s playing for won’t be able to hear it, there are others who came just to hear him play. He almost lets himself get sucked into the depression, but looking into the crowd, he can see all of the faces of people anticipating his music.

Kousei Final Performance

Everything up until now has been building up for this grand performance. As he plays, he reflects on all of those he has met along the way and how they all influenced him. Piano is a part of his life, he is a musician. No matter what he’s going through, music can be used to express himself and convey his feelings to others.

Overall, it was a very somber episode. Both Kaori and Kousei are going through their own problems, but sometimes life is just unfair. They both have to accept their fates and continue moving forward. Kousei can’t throw everything away just because of this one incident, and Kaori can’t stop struggling because she still has a dream she wants to achieve.

Kousei Holding Kaori

Next week is the finale of Kimi Uso and there’s still the question that everyone wants answered, Kaori’s condition. Part of me wants to see a happy ending where they’re able to meet after his performance, and eventually fulfill that promise of playing together again. Another part of me feels that this story needs to end with a tragedy. Kaori came into his life and helped Kousei find his way. She fulfilled her purpose by getting his life back on course, but she can’t be the only reason for him to move forward. If she survives, he may continue to live and play solely for her sake rather than for himself. His life needs to continue moving forward, even if she’s no longer by his side.

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