Spring 2014 Anime Season – Week 3

We’re approaching the mid season now for the spring 2014 anime season. I’ll be posting my mid season thoughts on all of the shows I’m currently following within the next few weeks. For now, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on No Game No Life episode 3, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 3, and Akuma no Riddle episode 3.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life Kurami elf

What an episode this was! The beginning of the episode gave us a bit more insight on the current state of affairs of their nation. Watching how Kurami was interacting with the elf and Sora showed us that she does actually have some emotions. The way Kurami and the elf spoke to each other comes off as if they’re friends. The tone of Kurami’s voice as she negotiated with Sora made her seem pretty desperate to avoid the game and risk losing. While of course anyone would want to avoid the extra hassle, it makes me wonder what her motives for becoming king are. If she was solely after power, I’d think that she would have accepted the challenge just to claim more from those she defeats. Her reluctance to play Sora makes me wonder if there is more to her and her relationship with the elf.

No Game No Life Shiro Sora Chess

The second half of the episode, we got a “simple” game of chess between the two parties. I found the whole thing entertaining and stopped trying to understand the rules of the game. They went from playing simple chess to an all out war where the chess pieces were soldiers on the battlefield. We get to see how the Blank duo operates as well. They’re both highly capable of playing the games but they provide support for each other in their weaknesses. Shiro seems to be very analytical who can analyze numbers and stats quickly which makes her ability to play normal chess incredible. Sora seems to be better with the overall strategy and mind games on his opponents. Even though the pair has looked unbeatable in the past two episodes, it was nice to see that they aren’t as invincible as they appeared to be.

You can watch No Game No Life on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Bokura wa minna kawaisou mayumi

It doesn’t seem like there will be much development between Usa and Ritsu’s relationship. While the series is still enjoyable, it doesn’t seem like there’s any real direction for the story. Instead it focuses more on the characters and their interactions which is alright as well. It’s always heartwarming to see how much these people care about each other. Mayumi has probably changed a bit since coming back to the residence. She was no longer interested in this man who was clearly only wanted her for her body. Everyone at the residence has helped Mayumi realize that she deserves better than this guy. She has them to rely on emotionally and doesn’t need to just find a boyfriend for the sake of having one. Instead she’d rather find someone who treats her like an individual who has her own personality and interests.

You can watch Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou on Crunchyroll (May not be available in all regions)

Akuma no Riddle

Akuma no riddle Haru

I haven’t posted about Akuma no Riddle yet but since things started to pick up in the last episode, I thought I’d chime in. I think it’s an interesting set up, a survival game, except the only one who’s being targeted is Haru. All of the assassins seem to have their own secrets and dark pasts that drive them to win the “game”. I find it a bit silly that Haru can even agree to live under these conditions where she knows everyone is out to get her. However, her character is innocent and she wants to keep trusting others.

Akuma no riddle takechi

Takechi is the first person to call out her hit on Haru. I would have thought that she would have sped up her plan once she knew that Tokaku had figured out it was her. I can understand that she feels pleasure from doing it slowly, but under those circumstances, it’s a bit absurd that she’d hesitate at killing both Haru and Tokaku. I guess it was done for dramatic suspense though. Overall, Akuma no Riddle is entertaining but I’m hoping it doesn’t get too repetitive as more assassins call out their hits.

You can watch Akuma no Riddle on Funimation (may not be available in all regions)

That’s it for this week of Spring 2014 anime. I originally had some thoughts written down for other series (Isshuukan Friends, Nisekoi) but I had some issues and my draft got deleted. Regardless, you can still check out my thoughts on Black Bullet episode 3 and Mahouka episode 3 from earlier on in the week for more of my thoughts on the spring season.


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