Spring 2014 Anime Season – Pre Air Thoughts

The Spring 2014 anime season is fast approaching and I thought I’d share some of my impressions of the shows before they air. I’ve listed a handful of series that have caught my interest, if there’s anything you think I should keep my eyes on for this season let me know!

Akuma no Riddle

While it’s tagged as a Yuri anime, I don’t think it’ll go down the same route as Sakura Trick. From the initial images, I get the feeling of a more dark and serious series despite having a focus on the love between girls (I haven’t read the manga at all yet but this is the vibe I’m getting from the original images). I’m hoping that they allocated a decent budget to the series though since the studio’s (Diomedia) other recent work were only 10 episode series.

Akuma no Riddle on Myanimelist



Black Bullet

From the synopsis, this reminds me a little bit of Guilty Crown where it’s set in a sort of post-apocalyptic society and kids try to fight back and survive. The main character is even voiced by Yuki Kaji as well! From the previews and visuals, the characters are drawn with a lot of detail and the backgrounds were stunning. I think these factors alone will make it one of the more popular shows of the spring season. It most likely won’t reach Attack on Titan levels of popularity but it seems like the kind of show that the majority can pick up and enjoy (whether they’re knew to anime or a veteran!).

Black Bullet on Myanimelist



 Break Blade

I’m not really fond of mecha series but Break Blade has caught my interest. It’s a remake of an already established series of movies under the same title. The movies had a decent rating but from what I read, they didn’t follow the source material as closely. It doesn’t look like a modern setting at first glance, and the synopsis has me feeling that there are a lot of technical things that I need to be familiarized with in order to understand their world. However, I have faith that I’ll enjoy the series since Production I.G is in charge of it (Psycho-Pass, Attack on Titan).

Break Blade on Myanimelist



Date a Live 2nd Season

Date a Live as a whole is a pretty generic harem that seemed to be broken into individual arcs for storytelling. While at first it reminded me of Infinite Stratos, I feel that Date a Live does have a lot more plot progression along side with silly harem antics. The first season was enjoyable, in my opinion, with a likeable cast of characters. As a result, I don’t mind having more Date a Live since it’s always a shame when shows end on an unresolved note.

Date a Live 2nd Season on Myanimelist



Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

This is probably one of the most hyped anime of the season. Again, I’m not familiar with the series but judging by the synopsis, it’s a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. I think it’ll require quite a bit of time and set up for myself to get immersed in their world and to understand how their magic works. It’s also being produced by Madhouse who has managed to really impress me in the past so I’ll buy into the hype surrounding this series.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei on Myanimelist




Mekakucity Actors

I’m a little confused about this series since it’s based off of a light novel/manga but under a different name (Kagerou Days). The character designs reminded me a bit of Blood Lad’s characters. From the synopsis, it seems like it’ll be about an antisocial/depressed character who is exposed to a whole new world through a mysterious email. The source material has pretty good reviews and the adaptation is being handled by SHAFT as well. The character designs are really colourful as well so it’ll likely be a very vibrant and aesthetically pleasing anime (as are most of SHAFT’s anime).

Mekakucity Actors on Myanimelist




No Game No Life

Similar set up as Mekakucity Actors, we have a brother and sister who are shut ins and are dragged into a whole new world where their adventure begins. The main reason this series interested me was the art. From the preview video and key visuals, they use a lot of bright colours which makes everything feel more mythical and magical. My initial impressions, based on what is currently available, makes me think it’ll be somewhat similar to Outbreak Company where these kids are brought into a new world and have to try and save it (or bring peace).

No Game No Life on Myanimelist


In addition to those series, there are several slice of life/comedy series that I’m also looking forward to such as Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, and Gaworare. I’m also potentially looking into Ping Pong the Animation and JoJo’s second season but I’ll wait and see what the general perception is before I get into them (too much on my list already!) Overall, the Spring 2014 anime season is looking to be much more action packed compared to the slice of life dominant winter season. For a full list of Spring 2014 anime as well as future seasons, you can check out Anichart.


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