Spring 2014 Anime Season – Week 10

Only two more weeks for this anime season! I decided to change up the series I’d be posting about this week to give some other ones a bit of the spotlight. Anyways, here are my thoughts on Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 10, Brynhildr episode 10, and No Game No Life episode 10.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Kawaisou Shiro Hayashi

I haven’t posted about Kawaisou in a while now. Overall, there isn’t much to say about the series except that it’s a feel good anime. We get to see a bit more about Hayashi’s past with Usa. He’s always been a genuinely nice guy who reaches out to those who seem alone. He’s similar to Shiro in a sense. Shiro tries to help those around him to be comfortable with themselves. He helps Hayashi work up the courage to confront Usa in the end.

Kawaisou blushing Ritsu

Ritsu has also been showing interest in Usa. She’s in denial over her feelings and refuses to acknowledge that she might actually be falling for Usa. Leave it to kids though to blurt out things that adults are sensitive about. Ritsu is incredibly insecure with herself and rationalizes Usa’s attention as him just being kind. With the format of the show, I don’t really see their relationship developing much but at least there has been some plot progression.

Gokoku no Brynhildr

brynhildr op kuroneko

First off, I thought the OP change was actually pretty good. While I’m not a fan of heavy metal/screamo, the animation really caught my eye. Anyways, I won’t talk about the episode content itself since I’ve already spoiled the series for myself. They’re trying to fit in the entire Valkyrie arc into the remaining three episodes which might be a bit of a stretch (~40 chapters). They’ve also skipped over an entire arc that kind of identified the significance of Kotori’s character to the organization. I found it amusing that they need to skip this arc (which is understandable) but have time to throw in the obligatory beach episode.

No Game No Life

anime season no game no life Kurami

We were introduced to them earlier on, but it was nice to get some more insight into Fi and Kurami’s relationship. Kurami is prideful but she’s still just a kid at heart. Fi is like a mother figure to Kurami in the sense that she always looks after her. When they were first introduced, I got the impression that Kurami was the more dominant one in the pair. Fi kind of just went along with everything Kurami did but it’s more because she just cares about her so much.

No game no life episode 10 jibril

At the end, it turns out that their match takes place in a Tokyo like setting. Sora and Shiro have a breakdown now that they’re “back” in their normal world. This is the world where they were considered worthless to society and felt like they didn’t belong. Perhaps they were able to act so confident in Disboard mainly because they treated the whole thing as a game. It’s easy to act confident and smug when you feel like your image doesn’t matter. Regardless, I’m expecting a back and forth finale for No Game No Life. Sora has planted several “trap cards” prior to starting the game. Despite his breakdown, he has the ability to alter Fi’s memories along with the spell cast on Steph.

That’s it for this week of the spring anime season. The post is a bit delayed and a bit shorter (brain is fried after working a 14 hour day). As always, you can check out my posts from earlier on in the week Black Bullet episode 10, and Mahouka episode 10.

On top of that, I’ve also posted my pre-air thoughts on the summer anime season. If you’re interested in seeing what I feel are the series to look out for, check it out.



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