Spring 2014 Anime Season – Week 11

The spring 2014 anime season has passed by rather quickly. We’re already in the second last week for many shows. This season definitely had quite a few surprises along with some disappointments but overall I’d say it was a great season. This week I’ll share my thoughts on No Game No Life episode 11, Nobunaga the Fool episode 23, and Isshuukan Friends episode 11.

No Game No Life

Jibril angry No game no life anime season

This show never ceases to entertain me. While they repeat the same process of doing research, and then challenging others, it doesn’t feel repetitive to me. Sora uses strange methods to collect his data, but when they connect everything in the end, it feels oddly satisfying. While Sora is being Sora and trying to get a peek at the girls, they’re actually able to use the information to come up with a plan and catch the Warbeasts offguard. Jibril also stole the show for me this episode. While she’s always been a goofy character who is carefree, we get to see the more serious side of her.

No game no life steph sora shiro

Poor Steph gets the short end of the stick once again as she’s left on her own. While she may seem useless at the moment, I have a feeling that she’ll be the one to save the day. Sora placed a spell on her prior to the game while Jibril sound proofed the room. This spell will probably be the key to defeating the Warbeasts in a game where they have full control over.

No game no life izuna transform

Izuna is also starting to have fun with the game. While you think a child would enjoy playing games, Izuna carries a lot of pressure with her. She has her grandfather and the other woman telling her how to play the game and that losing is not an option. With all of the pressure, they resort to cheats to win the game. It doesn’t even matter how skilled Izuna is because it’s impossible to lose with the Warbeasts controlling the game. However, Sora and Shiro are putting up a fight despite being handicapped and she’s actually able to enjoy herself.

You can watch No Game No Life on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

Nobunaga the Fool

Nobunaga x Himiko

One episode to go to see how this all ends. At first I never really cared for Himiko’s character with the way she was introduced (engaged to be wed from a promise made years ago) but she really grew on me. She was truly greatful that she was able to spend time with Nobunaga. She took a bullet for him and sacrificed her life for him in the end. Even though she knew her love was destined to fail, she still did everything she could for the one she loved. Despite being the “destroyer king” Nobunaga doesn’t wish for any of this to happen and is affected by every tragedy that he faces.

2014 anime season nobunaga mitsuhide betrayal

In the end, Mitsuhide and Nobu have their confrontation. At first I felt bad (and found it hilarious) that Mitsuhide was always kind of in the shadows and took the guilt and suffering upon himself. With the way things have been progressing, I can’t say I’m shocked to see him hit his breaking point. He’s lost all faith in Nobu despite claiming to be completely loyal to him. While he always said he did everything for Nobu, deep down his actions reflected his own selfishness. Again, he states that he’s helping Nobu by siding with Arthur (to unite heaven and earth). Even though Nobu has his own plans to achieve that, Mitsuhide twists what Ichihime and Nobu’s beliefs to benefit himself.

You can watch Nobunaga the Fool on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all countries)

Isshuukan Friends

one week friends saki hiding

Saki continues to avoid Kiryuu over a silly misunderstanding. Kiryuu has a rather blunt and cold personality but he doesn’t take a lot of things to heart. Saki is a bit naive and thinks she actually upset him when he doesn’t even know what the problem is. Maybe she was starting to have feelings for him since he’s been taking care of her for a while which caused her to misinterpret his words from the previous episode.

isshuukan friend hase yuuki

After hearing how Kaori lost her memories, it seems like a mental block. It doesn’t seem like she actually forgets but rather she forces herself to not recall certain memories. She probably felt like she had hurt her friends when they bullied her so she forced herself to not think about it. After doing it for so long, maybe she ended up doing it subconsciously. She was able to make progress with Hase though since she was able to open up more and be herself. It looks like she’s come to terms with it, but now it’s Hase’s turn to feel insecure. Kujo didn’t realize that his affection for Kaori would cause her so much pain and Hase is in a similar position to him.

You can watch Isshuukan Friends on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

That’s it for this week of anime. As always, I’ve posted my thoughts on Black Bullet and Mahouka earlier on in the week. With the season coming to a close soon, I can’t help but feel sad that things are coming to an end (especially NGNL). On the other hand, there are so many series to look forward to in the summer season so I guess those new series will fill the void left behind!


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